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Rather than come up with funny stuff, I decided to let the Vig-rx pills website provide the humor.

"Want a BIG Penis?" Experience the results you've always wanted with a MASSIVE scientific breakthrough: Our Doctor-Approved Pill Will Actually Expand, Lengthen And Enlarge Your Penis. 100% GUARANTEED! Best of all... There Are NO Agonizing Hanging Weights, NO Tough Penis Enlargement Exercises, NO Painful And Hard-To-Use Penis Pumps, And There Is NO Dangerous Penis Enlargement Surgery Involved.

To help these men our dedicated team of researchers has developed an amazing penis enlargement formula called Vig-Rx. Albion Medical has carefully tested this unique new product so that it is fully doctor-approved. And, it is 100% guaranteed to work. It has been described as a true 'miracle cure', and we are now offering Vig-Rx in easy pill form to men everywhere. The Albion Medical research team invites you now to experience this miracle for yourself and loose your average penis size.

As you drive your penis deep inside her she'll gasp as you dominate her. And the intense satisfaction you give her will be the BEST sex she has ever had. I promise you, she will not be able to keep her hands off you when you give her everything she needs from a man.

YOU Are In Total Command Vig-Rx will make you longer last longer in bed and rock hard erections. You will never worry or be concerned about losing your hard-on or reaching orgasm too fast. With Vig-Rx these problems are completely eliminated.

YES! Take Vig-Rx, grow to the perfect penis size for you, and you can even stop taking the pills. You are right where you want to be, and you can stay there forever! Remember, a penis larger than 9" may be too large for most women. But IF for some reason you need even more, it is possible for you to safely continue taking Vig-Rx. The choice is up to you...

Vig-rx is sold under at my last count, 18 different websites. All of the vig-rx websites under different names say the same thing. Sounds like if I take vig-rx too long, I'll get so large I'll impale Mary!

Let's see, they provide no research, no studies backing up vig-rx and 18 different sites with different names selling the same thing...

I think I'll run right out and buy some. To hell with safety!

Actually, I think I'll just buy something that really works

Sam Fields

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