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 "Asthma Triggers"

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Asthma Triggers

Not Tigger ... but trigger.

There are quite a few asthma triggers and not every person has the same exact asthma triggers. One person may have an asthma attack from being around a household pet while another person with asthma may be able to sleep with their pet on their pillow at night.

Educating yourself on what asthma triggers you have will aid you in controlling your asthma so you can enjoy an active lifestyle full of all the activities you enjoy.

Common Asthma Attack Triggers

Some of the most common indoor asthma triggers that not only can cause asthma attacks or allergy symptoms but also can be allergens for others as well include things you find in your home, at work, at school or in any indoor environment. These can include cats, dogs, latex, dust mites, molds, formaldehyde, second hand smoke, cockroaches, and household plants.

Some of the most common outdoor asthma triggers that can also be problems for other people with allergies include airborne pollens, molds, ragweed, insects, pollen, plants, and flowers.

Controlling Asthma Attacks

The best way to control your asthma is to learn your own asthma triggers. Be aware of the things in your home, work and outside your home that cause you to have an increase in your asthma symptoms.

If you have seen your physician, he can help you with your asthma triggers by educating you all the different things that might trigger an attack. With his help, you should be able to learn to control your attacks and symptoms. If your doctor does give you a prescription medication to aid with your asthma, be sure that you take the medication exactly as prescribed. If you need an asthma inhaler, you can always ask for a demonstration to ensure you are using the inhaler properly. If you do not use the inhaler properly, you will not be getting enough medication into your lungs and it will not do you any good in the case of a severe asthma attack.

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