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 "Cat Allergy"

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Cat Allergy

No ... we're not talking about a cat that has allergies. We're talking about people who have a cat allergy.

Would you believe that around 2% of the United States population has a cat allergy? One third of all people in America listen to their doctor with it comes to their cat allergy they keep the cat.

Why allergic to cats?

The sebaceous gland secretes a glycoprotein that is the culprit in almost every cat allergy problem. The allergen is found in the catís pelt, cur, saliva, serum, urine, salivary glands, roots of the catís hair and the mucous. The main place that humans encounter the allergen is the skin and saliva of the cat.

The reason that a person with a cat allergy does not seem to be able to get rid of there symptoms is that the allergens from the cat is very small and can stay airborne for months. It is around 10 times smaller than the dust that is found in homes without a cat. This cat allergen can be found months after the cat owner and his or her cat have moved to another place, the allergen is carried on clothing wherever the cat owner goes. There are moderate to high levels of cat allergen in hospitals, doctorís offices, and schools across America.

Cat Allergy Symptoms

Symptoms of cat allergy include problems with the nose, eyes, throat, skin and lungs. Eyes can be itchy, watery, swollen, and red. The nose can run, itch, become congested and sneeze. The ears may itch or become plugged. The throat can have post-nasal drip, itching, hoarseness and the need to clear the throat often. Coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, tightness in the chest, and bronchitis are typical symptoms to do with the lungs. Some people may develop hives or have itchy rashes.

All cats have allergens no matter what breed or sex. Male cats do have more of the allergen that produces a cat allergy and neutered males have a bit less than non-neutered males, however, no cat is allergen free.

If you have a cat allergy, the best course of action is to rid your home of the cat. Keep him outdoors. However, if you cannot or you refuse to leave your cat outside, you should not allow him on any cloth or fabric furniture and do not allow him in your bedroom.

You can clean until you are blue in the face and you will not remove the cat allergens from your home unless you leave the cat outdoors. You can replace on carpet with tile, do not use soft furniture, no draperies, only allow the cat in certain areas of the home, and wash everything the cat comes in contact with on a weekly basis. Remember, the cat allergen can stay airborne for months, sometimes as long as six months after the cat is removed from the home.

Drew Voight

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