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Aphrodisiac Advice

Aphrodisiac herbs and other concoctions to enhance sexual desire, sexual performance and enjoyment is almost as old as the human race itself.

Some aphrodisiacs work; other aphrodisiacs are mere legend.

Scientific studies conducted on various aphrodisiacs in recent years have gone a long way toward isolating the crucial physiologic factors involved in sexual arousal, thus helping narrow the search for these substances.

Many people do not believe in love potions or aphrodisiacs, but countless numbers of men and women have used them down through the centuries, and there is clear proof they are still in use today.

Aphrodisiacs are considered by people to be mysterious and weird concoctions that contain bizarre ingredients, but many are found the kitchen or back yard garden of the average family home.

Aphrodisiac Types

The most powerful aphrodisiac known to man is his mind. That the brain is the biggest sex organ in the body is hardly unfamiliar to us. Mankind however, have used aphrodisiacs taken from nature to improve sex lives and sexual health.

Types of aphrodisiacs fall essentially into two classes.

The first is that which we assume will make us more powerful, more erect, and more virile. The basic premise of this is that if we improve circulation and blood flow, our penis will respond. To accomplish this herbs that improve blood circulation are taken.

Aphrodisiac type two is that which sets the mood for the entire sexual encounter. Spices, fragrances, a warm bubble bath, a sensual massage or even candlelit dinners with special ingredients are the most common aphrodisiacs for this goal.

Aphrodisiac Origins

Aphrodisiacs are naturally derived, and have their foundations in homeopathic and natural healing. Melita Morrow, a writer for Golden Age Magazine, cites a study in which a drug called Afrodex was shown to be a potent aphrodisiac. The actual drug is derived from the bark of an evergreen tree native to Cameroon. It was traditionally used by shamans and healers as an anesthetic and a potent aphrodisiac. She describes a double blind test in which twenty-one men were given a placebo for four weeks that had no Afrodex in it. They were then given the real Afrodex for four weeks. Another group of men were administered the same program but in reverse.

Before the study commenced the patients reported an average of three erections and three orgasms a week, then after four weeks of being on the placebo, they reported having eleven erections and eight orgasms weekly; this suggests the power of the mind can play a significant role. However, when these same patients were placed on the true Afrodex, they reported an average of forty-nine erections and twenty-three orgasms weekly.

As incredible as it may seem, it is irrefutable evidence of the power of the aphrodisiac.

Sam Fields

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