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Aphrodisiac Advice
Aphrodisiac herbs and other concoctions to enhance sexual desire, performance and enjoyment is almost as old as the human race itself. Some aphrodisiacs work; other aphrodisiacs are mere legend...

The humble mudskipper, a type of fish, is making waves among people in a Kelantan village as an aphrodisiac - but only if swallowed live.

Aphrodisiac Foods
If you are in the midst of planning a special meal for that special someone, you should stop and examine your menu if you want to get your groove on.

Aphrodisiac Myths
Which one's work and which one can kill not only your sexual ability, but also you!

Aphrodisiac Pizza
Couch Potatoes and Football Fans raise your chubby fist in victory!

Aphrodisiac Pills
China has more of a problem than just too many people. Now, they've got dangerous aphrodisiac pills sold on their streets.

Male Aphrodisiacs
While men search for ways to climb the corporate ladder ... they're also looking for something to give their sex life a boost.

Aphrodisiacs for Women
Men don't need any more lessons in how to be sexual athletes. They need to learn how to be more loving.

The Aphrodisiac Sandwich
It may not be the first combination you come across at your local sandwich bar. But figs, honey, ricotta cheese and orange is the perfect filling if you want to give your love life a fillip, scientists say.

Natural Aphrodisiacs
When Jennifer Marshall wanted to create a romantic evening for her husband, she knew just what to do she whipped up a supper of seafood. Mussels, fish and even lobster made her menu.

Additional Aphrodisiac Articles

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