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Two years earlier, and just three years past its start-up, a New Jersey company bought the rights to develop a substance called Melanotan II.

Originally isolated by University of Arizona researchers looking for a way to give Caucasians a healthy, sunblocking tan without exposing them to dangerous ultraviolet rays, Melanotan II achieved that and more ...

It seems that Melanotan also appears to facilitate weight loss, increase sexual appetite in women (female sex drive) and act as an anti-inflammatory in both sexes.

Oh, and by the way... did we mention it not only increased the frequency of erections but it also improved the male sex drive as well?

Quickly dubbed 'the Barbie drug', Melanotan II seemed too good to be true and was fast considered the only true female viagra and pansexual aphrodisiac.

"First Comes Love, Then Comes..."

Palatin of New Jersey realized way before everyone else ... they had the golden goose and their potential market? Well ... let's just say every single man and woman on the planet.

Could however PT-141 cause the world we know it, more specifically ... the reproductive world ... to change? Perhaps so.

Forty years ago today, it wasn't Dr. Pepper's band that began to play ... it was the birth control pill, which led to the sexual revolution as we know it. Before the pills introduction into mainstream society, sex and making babies were linked together forever like Tom and Roseanne Arnold.

After the pill appeared the link between sex and procreation was pretty much optional ... kinda like Tom and Roseanne today. Quickly following the pill cames the women's lib movement, abortion, cats and dogs sleeping together ... you get the idea.

The question remains though, if all the above can follow from a drug which simply made pregnancy less a matter of fate than of choice, what then to expect from a drug that does the same thing to passion itself?

Only when Melanotan (known as PT-141) reaches the market will society be in a position to even start answering that question.

But hey ... I'm not asking Melanotan to change the world ... I'm just hoping it might get me through the night.

Sam Fields

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