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PT-141 the "Barbie Drug"

New Love Drugs Might Work Better Than Viagra ...

For men and women craving the intimacy they've lost with their partners, research into a new generation of "love drugs" holds plenty of promise.

Five years ago, researchers at the University of Arizona referred to it as the "Barbie drug" because in it was a chemical they discovered that could help people lose weight and get a tan. And it delivered an unexpected side effect in men, WMAQ-TV in Chicago reported. Even at a very low starting dose, every subject had an erection... thanks to PT141 and Palatin.

Now, scientists at Palatin Technologies say they have found a way to use the drug just for sex. Unlike Viagra, it does not just maintain an erection, WMAQ-TV reported. Taken as a nasal spray, it actually causes arousal. "What we found was pretty impressive results," said Dr. Christopher Steidle, a urologist, including an increased female sex drive".

Steidle's Fort Wayne, Ind., clinic is one of the test sites for the experimental sex drug. One of the test subjects, identified as Gary, told Kwan he prefers the new drug over Viagra. "It starts things going quicker, faster," Gary said.

With Viagra and other drugs like it, a man wanting to have sex would first have to be sexually stimulated, WMAQ-TV reported, and then the drug would help him maintain the erection. For most men, that is not a problem. Chicago's Mike Ditka endorses another similar drug, Levitra. "I had a problem, and I took care of the problem," Ditka said in a commercial. "Levitra worked for me. That's all I can say."

To use drugs like Levitra, Kwan said, a man first has to be physically ready for sex. "What a lot of men -- especially in long-term relations -- have found [is that] they don't always get the stimulation they need," Steidle said. The new drug, called PT-141, does not require physical stimulation, according to the research. Its effect starts in the brain, where it sets off sexual sparks in the neurons of the hypothalamous, a center for sexual arousal. The sparks send a cascade of nerve impulses down the spinal cord, forcing blood cells to rush into the penis, where an erection occurs in less than half an hour, according to reserachers. In Palatin's research, PT-141 worked more often in some men, while Viagra worked more often in others. Patients who respond to both, however, said PT-141 works faster, leads to a stronger erection and lasting longer in bed.

PT-141 is medically known as Bremelanotide and remains under clinical trial as a possible female viagra.

Paul Ellis

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