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Nymox Pharmaceutical Corporation (NASDAQ: NYMX) today newly released data from Phase 1-2 U.S. clinical trials of NX-1207, the Company's investigational new drug for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

A total of 20 men with BPH aged 45-65 were in the trials which evaluated the effect of NX-1207 over a period of 30 days. The trials were designed to include only the more difficult cases of subjects who did not respond to optimal medical therapy. Patients were assessed for the drug effect on symptoms (such as frequent urination, urination at night, difficulty with urination, etc.) and for the drug effect on prostate size measurements.

Overall there was a highly significant improvement in symptom scores and shrinkage in prostate size in the 30 day studies. Symptom score reduction reached statistical significance at the p (equals) .035 level. Prostate size reduction also reached statistical significance, at the p (equals) .035 level. There were no significant adverse side effects from the drug in these trials.

Paul Averback, MD, CEO of Nymox, said, "This data shows that NX-1207 has enormous potential as a front-line treatment for BPH. The prostate shrinkage is dramatic. We saw an average reduction in prostate size of over 10 grams in only 30 days. These results on the more difficult cases - which had failed other drug therapies - are particularly encouraging. The safety and side effect profile is very important."

Dr. Averback added, "The next trial of NX-1207 begins in the near future. We are positively looking forward to moving ahead."

BPH afflicts approximately half of men over age 50 and close to 90% of men by age 80. The disorder causes difficulties with urination associated with aging, such as urination at night, urge to void frequently, hesitancy, weak stream, and other problems.

Sam Fields

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