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How to have Better Sex

Better Sex. Want to have it?

Everybody does and you're no different. Luckily, having better sex is easier than you think. What many people don't understand about sex is that it is much like a sport. Concentration, patience, timing, and strategy are all involved in having better sex.

The 4-men better sex technique will provide maximizing power to your erection, control your ejaculation, and last longer in bed.

The better sex method involves accelerating or slowing sexual orgasms, depending on how you want to contract or expand you sexual muscles. You'll accomplish this by controlling your breath and your internal energies

better sex
Better Sex Steps
1)Relax by controlling your breathing by inhaling and exhaling normally. Keep your eyes partially closed, put your tongue against the palate, and focus your mind between your eyebrows along your forehead.

2)Inhale through your nose deeply until your abdomen expands and do so at intervals of 2-5 seconds. Maximize the capacity of your lungs and focus your mind downwards, towards your navel.

3)Hold your breath and move your expanded abdomen downward by contracting your upper abdomen. As pressure gradually builds up against the bladder and the prostate gland, shift your concentration to the prostate area.

(* The most important step during intercourse, step 3 requires that the you hold your breath for as long as possible while applying pressure to the bladder and prostate area by contracting the upper abdomen and expanding the lower abdomen. This will partially block sensitivity to the penis, allowing you to last longer, and also be able to delay and control ejaculation.)

4)Contract your anus by clenching and exhale air slowly out of the mouth, shifting concentration once again towards your forehead again. (* Here you should feel hot energy rising from the prostate area along the spinal cord to your head.)

Better sex can be obtained through practice, determination and patience. However, having a good relationship with one you care for is the biggest factor in the pursuit of better sex.

Drew Voight - Men's Health

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