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 "Adult Circumcision"

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Adult Circumcision

The title runs chills down my spine, just as Iím sure it does for most of the men reading this article.

While I might be circumcised, as is sixty percent of the newborns born in the United States, mine was done when I was an infant and so I thankfully canít remember the experience.

However, men who have this procedure done will remember.

I wonder though ... why would someone voluntarily have a piece of their penis cut off?

Why would they do such a thing?

One of the Guys ...

Sometimes men get circumcised for medical reasons, and sometimes itís merely for looks. Since most North American men are circumcised as soon as they are born, uncircumcised men have to deal with a stigma.

They are noticeably different, and this is never more obvious to them than when they are men, and have sex. Many women I have talked to wonít even have sex with an uncircumcised man.

Of course some women have no problem with the issue and will have sex with circumcised or uncircumcised men.

To each their own I guess.

But I can confidently make one prediction ... if no woman would have sex with uncircumcised men, Iím sure that close to one hundred percent of the men would be circumcised and I wouldnít have as much of a need to write this article.

Medical Need

The next reason is much more important than cosmetic. Some men get infections beneath the foreskin and it can be very painful. Sometimes this happens because they didnít wash enough underneath the foreskin, and sometimes they have a condition called phimosis, which simply means that they are unable to pull the foreskin behind the gland of the penis.

This can cause infection, weeping of the penis and penile carcinoma. All of which would almost certainly force the patient to get a circumcision.

Circumcision Methods

There are three different techniques or methods used in adult circumcisions:

  • Ventral slit circumcision
  • Dorsal slit circumcision
  • Sleeve technique circumcision.

The operation can often be done in the doctorís office under a local anaesthetic or in the hospital under a general anaesthetic. The area will be sore for about two weeks, and patients should refrain from having intercourse (not that you will be in any position to want it anyways!) and should keep the area clean.

With any operation, there are always risks. Some of the risks that come with adult male circumcision are bleeding, infection, suture disruption, injury to the urethra, and removal of too much or too little skin.

I also want to inform any man that is considering this procedure that the operation will not affect penis girth. So no worries on that front at least.

But it might change the way sex feels. You may lose some sensation, and for some men this is a real problem.

If you happen to already be circumcised and feel short-changed, perhaps you'd better read all about foreskin restoration.

Paul Ellis

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