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Self Circumcision

If you thought that the ďAdult CircumcisionĒ article was hard to read, you will definitely cringe when you read this one.

Having a doctor perform a circumcision on you is scary enough to most men.

Hell, having anyone touch me down there with a sharp object scares me ... but performing a self circumcision is just plain freaky.

Ultimate Handyman

Believe it or not, some people do perform a self circumcision. Iíve read reports where people have used nail clippers to hold the skin in place and then clamped a pair of pliers on the nail clippers to keep them closed. They then drank some alcohol (there wouldnít be enough alcohol in the world for me even to consider this, let alone actually do it) and proceeded to cut away pieces of the foreskin using a straight razor.

In another account the person wrapped some copper wire around the penis and then stretched foreskin to hold it in place, and then cut the foreskin away using a razor. Sometimes you can find the actual clamp used for the legitimate circumcisions performed in the hospital. You can buy them online, or if youíre resourceful enough you can find a stolen one to carry out your self circumcision.

Self Circumcision for Dummies

There are all types of ways to perform a self circumcision. Letís face it, if you really want that skin gone, you will find a way to do it. The razor blade seems to be the method of cutting most used, and so all you need to do is find a clamp to perform your self circumcision.

Of course you are not a doctor, and so you could injure yourself very badly while performing a self circumcision.

Itís basically not a smart thing to do. But if any of you who are reading this is thinking of performing a self circumcision, or know someone who is, Iíll outline some of the hazards in the hopes that you rethink your plan and get a doctor to perform the adult circumcision instead.

Self-Help Situations

Some cases of strangled penis have occurred after self circumcision. The clamp that the geniuses used to hold the foreskin in place was either left on too long, or was too tight. Once this happens you may not be able to pass urine for some time, have sex and be in a great deal of pain and embarrassment. It will usually heal within a week or so, but there is no guarantee.

You could also cut too much skin away whilst performing a self circumcision. This will cause your penis to bend irregularly, similar to Peyronie's disease, especially when it is erect.

Another possible effect of a self circumcision is that you could cut too deep and either bleed to death or just bleed a lot until the ambulance arrived to take your stupid ass to the hospital.

There are more possible consequences from self circumcision, but these should be enough to persuade any sane person from considering a self circumcision. If it isnít then I figure your going to do it anyways despite anything I might say.

If you want to be circumcised, for heavens sake, get a doctor to perform the operation for you. You can be seriously injured performing a self circumcision.

But then again ... you can't fix stupid can you.

Paul Ellis

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