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Teen Circumcision

Ideally, most people have a circumcision performed on them when they are first born.

They have no memory of the circumcision, or what they are missing.

For some people it is medically necessary to have the circumcision performed on you when you’re a teenager.

No wonder you looked pissed.

There are many possible reasons for a teenager to undergo the circumcision procedure ... some of which are outlined in the article on “Adult Circumcision.”

So what are some of the things you should do to prepare for your teen circumcision, besides running into the closet with a blankey, your teddy and a box of tissues?

Pre-op preperation

Well, you should consider trimming the area of pubic hair. There is no need to cut all of the hair off, but trimming it would make the doctor’s job much easier and will help the healing process after your circumcision.

Since you won’t be able to have sex for about six freaking weeks, it might be a good idea to get it out of your system before the circumcision. Assuming you are sexually active in the first place that is. Just remember to practice safe sex.

You should also make sure you clean the "devils playpen" area well right before you go to the hospital for your circumcision. This will cut down on the chances of infection.

Post-surgical Recommendations

After the operation is finished, there are some things you might want to keep in mind to help with the healing process after your teen circumcision. These are not hard and fast rules, but they might just help make your recovery a little bit easier:

  • Avoid physicial confrontation when you're friends come to visit and one of them remarks "Hey you look like you lost weight!"
  • If you normally wear boxers, you might want to look at wearing briefs for a bit. While wearing boxers your penis will swing freely and the rubbing could irritate the area. Plus, the chances of you having an erection are doubled when free styling.
  • Make sure you change the bandages regularly. Your doctor will tell you when the best times are to do this, and how long to wait after the circumcision. Generally you will have to change the bandage two to three days after the circumcision.
  • Do not use any antiseptic solution on the wound or you will be running around the bathroom screaming, “It burns!”
  • Don't expect your Mommy to blow on it when you yell "It burns!"
  • If you choose to use painkillers, do not use aspirin. Aspirin will thin your blood and will have an anti-clotting effect on your wound. It's been found that watching Oprah reruns numbs the pain.
  • Since erections will tend to hurt for a while, you might want to consider making sure your bladder is empty before going to bed. Most guys wake up with an erection because their bladder is full. You might want to try sleeping on your side for a bit as well and drawing your knees up in a fetal position while you sleep. This will cut down on your erections.
  • Do not have sex until your wounds are healed. I know it’s hard for some guys to abstain for a while, but it will be painful and the friction will not promote the healing process.

These are just a few tips to help you along after a teen circumcision, but you should always listen to your doctor above all.

They know what their talking about, and you don’t want to take any chances when it comes to your penis.

If you have to have a teen circumcision for medical or for personal reasons these guidelines will help to ensure the healing process is as painless as can be.

The healing process after a teen circumcision or any circumcision for that matter can be quite painful but by following the guidelines above your circumcision healing time should go smoothly.

Paul Ellis

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