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4MEN provides information 4MEN they can use every single day.  At work, in the bed, on the field or in the gym
The editors of 4-men.org strive to provide medically sound, technically advanced and indepth information which benefits the lives of men around the world.

We also try to approach this somewhat confusing and very personal matter with a sense of humor.

No site could be complete, and no task could be left undone if it were not for the courage, insight and downright testosterone induced articles. Our writers contribute important articles on a variety of conditions, diseases and problems men can relate to, learn from and overcome.

And now ... our contributors.

Sam Fields
Following in his father's footsteps of "doing no harm" Sam provides probably the most humerous and gut-wrentching insight into the sexual problems of mankind. Sam relates his everyday life and the problems he faces with paper and pencil directly to you.

Forget about reality television ... Sam provides information directly from his doctor's office, his girlfriend, even his own mother. Sam's articles are reality and very funny.

                                                                                                           Professor Ellis
What can be said about the good professor that hasn't already been said either on a website or in a police station. Our very own "teacher of love" gives you the educational insight along with the latest research findings on everything sex.

In fact, the professor even involves his wife and her girlfriends in his quest for knowledge.

You might call that twisted. We call that, dedication.

Drew Voight
This guy gets around and gets plenty of action. I know because I'm him. I'm one of the founders of 4-men. I'm just like any other guy searching the net for information on how to improve myself. What I bring to the table, are advanced degrees in biology as well as physiology. So I'm the guy that clears and checks the information contained in our articles for legitimacy.

I like sunsets, long walks ... wait, wrong article.

Jim Shaw
Here's Jim, relaxing at his pool. Jim's the founder of 4-men and now finds time to relax, tan and work on his golf game.

Sometimes he graces us with his presence of words by taking time out of his hectic lifestyle.

Usually, he just tells the rest of us what to do.

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