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Drew Voight
This guy gets around and gets plenty of action.

I know because I'm him.

I'm one of the founders of 4-men and I'm like any other guy searching the net for information on how to improve myself.

What I bring to the table, are advanced degrees in biology as well as physiology, so I'm the guy that clears and checks the information contained in our articles for legitimacy, effectiveness and humor.

I like sunsets, long walks ... wait, wrong article.

Here's a list of the Drew's articles:

male menopause "grumpy old men"
sex views "the world o'sex"
Viagra can reduce fertility "I got the blue's"
the love sandwich
aphrodisiacs for women
sex drive
increasing sex drive
low sex drive
andropause research
Penis size "You think you're small!"
Penis enlargement "The facts!"
Penis enlargement exercises "Do they really work?"
Penis enlargement problems "Things to watch out for"
Misusing Viagra "The new extasy"
Low testosterone causes Alzheimers "I forgot to check my levels"
Viagra is good for sperm "I knew it, I knew it!"
Testicle cancer "that's not supposed to be there"
Testicle information "Getting to know the boys"
Testicle self exam "Making friends"
Testicle cancer in young men "It's higher than I thought"
Sex boosting supplements "Ecstacy in a pill"
More sex improvement "Danger lies ahead"
Sexual health "Serious subject"
Sexual vitality "cross training"
Better sex "The title says it all"
Sex addiction "Wade Boggs and you"
Increasing testosterone "a little dab will do ya"
Androstenedione "Hard to say but effective"
Andro "Easier to say, just as good"
Maca Viagra "Peru's love drug"
Maca "Same thing"
Effects of Arginine "Thanks Mr. Wizard!"
Penis Size "The bigger the shoe"
Sexual performance "Wait, I'm cramping!"
Sex performance anxiety "Legit info"
Sexual performance anxiety "Part II"
Sex performance anxiety "Part III"
Erection aids "It's good to have friends"
Weak erections "Toughen up or else"
Blood Doping "A little help from my friends"
Androgel "Man's best friend"
Erectile Dysfunction "China Syndrome"
Erectile Disfunction "Problems no matter how it's spelled"
Brewers Droop "This Bud's for you"
Erectile dysfunction pills "Ahh so!"
Sex Drive "The diet"
Low sex drive "What to eat"
Increasing sex drive "Sex boosters and busters"
Andropause "Become a man"
Andropause research "Quick, take this!"
Aphrodisiacs for women "Love, love, love"
Testosterone replacement therapy "Pump it up"
Erection dysfunction "What to do when it don't"
Testosterone helps strokes "Great news"
Size matters "I knew it, I knew it"
Mens Health
Erectile Dysfunction "The ups and downs"
Heart problems "The latest news"
Testosterone deprivation "The newest thing"
Anabolic steroids "Needle not included"
Blood doping "How they do it"
Effects of anabolic steroids "Hair, boobs and nuts"
Testosterone levels "One way"
hangover pills
average penis size
does penis enlargement work
snoring remedy
weight loss helps erections
herbal pills risk
steroid abuse
weight loss surgery
asbestos exposure
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micro penis

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