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Jim Shaw
Here's Jim with his nose in the paper.

Jim's the founder of 4-men and now finds time to relax, tan and work on his golf game.

Also, Jim is a brilliant man (I sure hope he reads this ...).

Jim's background is in the Health Science field so he understands all of the fancy medical talk and exactly if it's important for men to know because of the effects upon their health.

Sometimes he graces us with his presence of words by taking time out of his hectic lifestyle ... usually, he just tells the rest of us what to do ... by phone.

Here's a list of the Jim's articles:

psa test controversy
prostate cancer gene found
controlling prostate cancer androgens
Prostate psa
Long term therapy
Impaired sex
Hormone therapy
Preventing prostate cancer
prostate cancer pills
Prostate cancer awareness month
Penis "Know thyself"
Penis problems "Is it supposed to do that?"
Prostate cancer "Big problems"
Red wine prevents prostate cancer "Allright!"
Peyronie's Disease "Bending the truth"
Soy fights prostate cancer "I really don't like Tofu"
Premature ejaculation "New Treatment?"
Viagra Information "Thank God for small miracles"
Viagra used by children "It really helps"
Prostate information "Everything you need to know"
Benign prostate hypertrophy "BPH for short"
Prostate cancer "There's help and hope"
Having a healthy prostate "Undo the damage done"
Ultrasound used to treat prostate cancer "Good vibrations"
Masturbation prevents cancer "Every guy should be healthy then"
Benign prostate hypertrophy and botox "Smile"
Prostate cancer treatment "good results, sometimes"
Benign prostate hypertrophy "BPH for short"
New treatments for prostate cancer "There's something new everyday"
Aspirin prevents prostate cancer "Tylenol's worried"
Prostate cancer rates in black men "Somethings wrong"
Prostate cancer risk factors "You on the list or not?"
PSA test for prostate cancer "Old reliable not?"
Selenium fights prostate cancer "It only takes a little bit"
Who can get prostate cancer "I can, you can"
Prostate cancer surgery not needed "Too many performed"
Testicle cancer treatment "It's not all that bad"
Masturbation "I know what I'm talking about"
Over masturbation "Too much of a good thing"
Myths about masturbation "Big hands, can't see!"
Masturbation and hair loss "Receeding hairlines and sore hands"
Testosterone Information "I got news for you"
Nutrition for increasing testosterone "Bulk up naturally"
Premature ejaculation "What it is"
Pre cum leakage "Just a drop can do it"
Erections "Attention!"
Erectile dysfunction "Just can't do it"
Impotence "The definitive guide"
lycopene "The ins and outs"
Prostate cancer in the african american male "Shocking"
Sex after prostate CA "Take it slow honey"
Nanotechnology "Little itty bitty living space"
Prostate cancer diet "What not to eat"
Peyronies treatment "We'll straighten this out"
Metastatic prostate cancer "The truth"
prostate massage
prostate cancer vaccine
male erection
supplements for sex
premature ejaculation cure
how to stop premature ejaculation during sex

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