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Professor Ellis
What can be said about the good professor that hasn't already been said either on a website or in a police station. Our very own "teacher of love" gives you the educational insight along with the latest research findings on everything sex.

In fact, the professor even involves his wife and her girlfriends in his quest for knowledge.

You might call that twisted. We call that, dedication.

Here's a list of the professors articles:

male fertility "Join the club"
sex therapy "one, two, three
low sperm count "down and out"
build low sperm count "give it a shot"
Circumcision "Problems no matter how you slice it"
Sperm bank "sperm bank"
Circumcision controversy "Trouble in the 'hood'"
Penis size advice "Looking to make it larger?"
Sperm Research "A sticky subject"
The barbie drug "help for Ken"
Sex dysfunction and benign prostate hypertrophy "Look 'Ma, no hands!"
Sex causes prostate cancer "Please say it's not so"
Vitamins to fight prostate cancer "Give me an E!"
Healthy sperm "Wow, look at them go"
Swollen testicles "Size DOES matter"
Male infertility "You puny girlie man"
Chlamydia "don't be a girlie man"
Sperm frozen for 21 years produces child "Frosty's got a little brother"
Marijuana effects on men and sperm "I forgot what to write here"
Caffeine effects on sperm "Babies born with yellow teeth"
Sexually transmitted diseases "Look what you've done!"
Keeping the swing in your schwing "Major mojo"
Sexual sports "Penalty. Delay of game!"
Male behaviour "It's a jungle out there"
Men's health "I answer some questions"
Medical reasons to have sex "Like you need 'em?"
Ejaculation "Get control"
Improving ejaculation strength "What's got into you?"
Premature ejaculation "Last 5 minutes longer"
Male birth control "We got a pill!"
Vasectomy reversal "I changed my mind"
Sperm bank "Can I get a calender?"
Smart sperm "Head of the class"
Sperm count "Calculator needed"
Pollution affects sperm "Two headed babies?"
Sperm donation "Meet your father, son"
Sperm donors "They let anybody in here!"
Sperm production "Make love not war!"
Sperm quality "Consistent consistency"
baldness treatment
sex and heart attacks
sperm motility
lower AIDS rate
sperm transplants
home fertility tests
laptops damage sperm
identifying sperm donors
infertility in Iraq

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