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Sam Fields

Turned 35 the other day. Thirty friggin' five. Any way you say it, it's old. I've left the blessed 18-to-34 demographic group, which means advertisers no longer care that I watch Charmed. Time for some self-reckoning. Time to acknowledge that dreams deferred are dreams denied.

It's fair to say I won't be winning Wimbledon, romancing Elle MacPhearson, canning salmon in Alaska, dunking a basketball, discovering the lost language of Crete. Time to discard the imagined for the feasible. Time to live amid the achievable, the reasonable, the regular, the compromised.

Following in my father's footsteps of "doing no harm" I provide probably the most humerous and gut-wrentching insight into the sexual problems of mankind. Relating everyday life and the problems I face with paper and pencil directly to you.

Forget about reality television ... I'm providing information directly from my doctor's office, my girlfriend, even my own mother.

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