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Cause of Erectile Dysfunction

Very often erectile dysfunction will have more than only one cause. The causes involved in erectile dysfunction can be purely psychological (10% of all causes) or physical and organic (90% of all causes), but oftentimes it is a combination of both.

Erection dysfunction is considered a serious problem, when it occurs consistently or for a long period of time, causing significant stress to the individual or to his relationship.

As we age, our bodies gradually slow down and it is normal for an older male to take longer and to require more stimulation to become erect than a younger male.

Men of any age may experience single instances of male impotence or erectile problems at some time or another.

There are many reasons for a purely psychological, or non-organic cause for erectile dysfunction. They may include the following:

  • Stress and fatigue
  • Anxiety about sex, e.g. in people who are unsure of themselves or fear humiliation
  • Estrangement from partner like unresolved conflicts
  • Misdirected sexual drive and desire like people ashamed about their sexuality forcing themselves to desire the wrong sex
  • Loss of erotic associations which is a psychological process whereby the brain relabels stimuli which were once erotic as non-erotic
  • Depression
  • Previous traumatic sexual experience or abuse

Physical conditions can also lead to erectile dysfunction. Some of them can be avoided in advance by taking care of sexual health. Physical conditions which may affect healthy sexual functioning may include the following:

The most common causes of erectile dysfunction are nutritional and lifestyle issues, hormonal imbalances, and vascular disease.

Please feel free to read through our other pages on erectile dysfunction, but do yourself a favor... if you've got erection performance problems, see you doctor to find the cause of your erectile dysfunction.

Drew Voight

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