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 "Having Problems Staying Hard"

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Having Problems Staying Hard?

Log on to the internet and search for the term stay hard.

What do you see? You will come across hundreds of websites offering information and even products that claim to help you to stay hard, but you need to understand that the conditions which might cause you to having problems staying hard are extremely diverse.

If you and your friend 'Herman the helmetted German' are experiencing a lack of firmness, it's time to get serious about your erection health and do something about it.

How Common is the Problem?

For many, it is a one time experience where they are unable to stay hard. On the other hand, for some it is an extremely disturbing permanent condition. According to experts, when you cannot sustain an erection for almost 75% of the time that you have sex, you are considered to be impotent.

Reasons for decreased erection strength

Several causes of impotence are due to psychological reasons such as relationship issues, trust issues, etc. I don't know about you...but if Herman my helmetted German thought my lady was being unfaithful...I know he'd be imitating a turtle with his head stuck in the shell for quite awhile.

Perhaps it might just be the flu that you have been suffering from...not only will it stuff your nose and will stuff your penis deep into its cave for protection.

Hey Donald Trump wannabe...been working too hard in office? If so, your erections going to get fired and you need to take a break. Come to think of it...I wonder if I can get excused and covered time off of work for "erection" reasons?

Note to EEOC for clarification.

Severe causes of staying hard difficulty

The above mentioned are simple problems that can cause huge complications in your love life. But the good news is that in cases like these, the impotence or inability to stay hard also vanishes when the root problem is addressed.

Underlying illness however is a completely different matter.

Almost 90% of impotence cases are due to organic physical disorders such as undiagnosed high blood pressure, diabetes and atherosclerosis.

So...the moral of the story is this...

Problems staying hard are usually fleeting but if you notice you're having problems staying hard...and your life is a good Herman a huge favor and get to the doctor.

Drew Voight

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