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Male Impotence Causes

Most of us know that impotence is a menís inability to achieve or maintain an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse. It includes the failure to get an erection as a result of sexual stimulation or to lose your erection prior to ejaculation.

Most of us don't know however ... there are numerous causes of male impotence and erection problems.

Arteriogenic Impotence

When the arteries supplying blood to the penis narrow, they fail to bring in sufficient blood to the penis resulting in erectile dysfunction. Arteriogenic impotence mainly occurs in elderly men. Those who are diabetic or have high blood pressure are also prone to it. Arteriogenic impotence causes due to injuries is common, but often goes unnoticed because of ignorance. Later the injured discovers it and seeks medical help. This is most commonly seen in men who ride a bicycle for extended lengths of time.

Venogenic Impotence

During erection, the veins of the penis close down in a normal individual. This hardens the penis assisting in achieving complete filling of the caverns resulting in a firm erection. But when the veins leak blood, the penis fails to sustain an erection thus leading to a cause of venogenic impotence. It is the most common form, which accounts to 30-70% of all male impotence cases.

Neurogenic Impotence

The nerve supply to the penis is sensitive and complicated. These nerves control the arteries and veins, which change the blood flow within the penis. An injury to the back or other nerves related to the penis can cause neurogenic impotence. Many operations on the rectum, prostrate, urethra, spine and urinary bladder are performed for improving the performance.

Endocrinologic Impotence

When there is an imbalance of sex hormones in the blood stream, erection doesnít occur. Nearly 5 to 10% of men suffer from endocrinologic impotence causes.

Psychogenic Impotence

Sometimes, the problem lies entirely in the mind. There will be no physical factors accompanying erectile dysfunction. This is a state of causation secondary to psychogenic impotence. People often undergo bouts of depression and anxiety which in turn leads to decreased sex drive, followed by decreased sexual performance, culminating in impotence.

Male impotence is really a very serious issue if not taken seriously then it will cause some other serious problems.

See a doctor if you have difficulty in attaining or maintaining an erection. The earlier you find out, the easier it is to treat the cause and restore a healthy, active sex life.

Jim Shaw

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