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 "Temporary Impotence"

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Temporary Impotence

Did you fail to perform well in bed last night?

Did your erection fail mid-way?

Is the sudden failing erection giving you sleepless nights?

Stop chewing your fingernails over it. Temporary impotence is a common occurrence, especially amongst the youth. It can be caused due to several reasons. The most common one being anxiety. Other than that, stress, alcohol, tiredness or even having an unattractive partner can lead to temporary impotence.

Most people associate it with a serious disease and are distraught at the thought. But temporary impotence can be cured much faster than long term impotence and on most occasions, itís only a side effect of an underlying problem. Once that root problem is addressed, the temporary impotence disappears as soon as it arrived.

Primary Causes

You need to understand that an erection is the result of blood being pumped into the erectile tissues in the penis. It is when the penis is gorged with blood, that it looks full and erect. The blood being supplied is a two part action. When the penis is stimulated or the senses are aroused, a stimulus is sent to the nervous bundle which then pumps blood into the penis.

When either one of these actions is interfered with then the penis fails to sustain an erection. So when you are suffering from a failing erection or arenít able to get an erection at all, one of these two actions have failed. When you get too anxious, the sheer anxiety causes the nervous system to fail. The same results from depression, stress, overwork etc.

Do not even attempt self medication in such cases.

If you're worried about a return visit...go and see a doctor.

In most cases a couple of counseling sessions can cure the problem. In cases where medication might be necessary, the doctor will be the right person to identify the cause and prescribe the appropriate medication.

Temporary impotence bouts may also be a side effect of an undiagnosed disease such as diabetes or high blood pressure so swallow your pride and get checked out.

Jim Shaw

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