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Avacor is a very popular baldness treatment pills, lotion, and shampoo that is sold directly on TV, or more recently, through the Internet.

Avacor contains minoxidil, which is an active ingredient that works on the scalp to perform two functions, or so the makers of Avacor claim.

Function one is that the minoxidil in Avacor helps increase blood flow to the scalp, which can actually instigate resting hair to become active (growth state) hair.

Function two is that the minoxidil in Avacor can create new cells on the scalp through which hair follicles can emerge. The result, either way, is more hair.

One of the unique things about Avacor is that the pill form of this hair loss remedy includes some herbs that are very popular in the eastern world. These herbs include horsetail, ginkgo, and bilberry. These herbs, and others, have been used for centuries in the east to tackle a variety of health problems, ranging from sexual performance to insomnia and of course, to male hair loss as well.

Problems with Avacor

There have been some fairly loud opinions both in support of, and somewhat against, Avacor as a hair loss solution. While the criticism at this point does not necessarily seem to point to Avacor as a potential solution, there is some skepticism as to its scientific basis. Evidently, unlike some other products (such as Pfizer’s Rogaine), Avacor has not been subjected to rigorous scientific studies.

This, in itself, does not mean that Avacor is ineffective or that it has flaws. Rather, according to critics, it simply means that Avacor should be studied further before it is sold on the market, and that it should be subjected to FDA approval. Because it has not yet received this approval, Avacor cannot be marketed the way that other hair loss solutions (such as Rogaine) are.

Cost of Avacor

Hair Loss Black BookOne of the biggest drawbacks of Avacor for some men is its price. A 3 month supply of the pills, lotion, and shampoo runs about $250, or a years supply $500. For men who habitually invest money in salon products (where shampoos and conditioners can cost up to $30 or more), this cost won’t seem all that dramatic. Yet since many men hardly spend much money at all on hair products – perhaps a few dollars every few months on shampoo or a 2-in-1 with conditioner – this expense can seem rather high. However, when one considers the cost of “not going bald”, this may be a worthy investment. When compared to some surgical options, such as a scalp flap or hair transplant, Avacor becomes relatively inexpensive.

Avacor Side Effects

The maker of Avacor claims that there are no side effects in using the product. However, because Avacor contains minoxidil, there is some concern about this claim, since minoxidil does indeed have some potential side effects. These can include erectile dysfunction, hives, swelling, itching, and enhanced sensitivity.

People who have existing skin conditions, such as psoriasis, are strongly urged not to use Avacor as it can make the condition much worse. Anyone thinking of buying Avacor should consult with their doctor to ensure that it will not interact with any existing medications.

Drew Voight

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