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 "Causes of Chest Pain"

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Causes of Chest Pain

Besides having your heart broken by a fabulous woman, there are several other things that are causes of chest pain.

While getting over the woman may be a hard thing to do, getting over the other causes of chest pain could be a lot harder, and could severely threaten your life.

These causes of chest pains are not to be taken lightly.

Mild Chest Pain Cause

Best case scenario for causes of chest pain would be if you have heart burn. Heart burn can be one of the causes of chest pain that might be mistaken for a heart attack. While it might be a smart thing to get checked out anyways, just in case it is a heart attack, this type of chest pain is normally not as severe as real chest pain caused by a heart attack. The best thing to do if you are experiencing heart burn is to first read my article on heart burn, and then to follow the suggestions within.

Severe Causes

Other causes of chest pain would be a real heart attack. Some people have mild heart attacks and just dismiss them. The problem with this is that every time you have a heart attack your heart weakens until your heart is unable to cope with even a mild heart attack. If you experience a full blown, in your face heart attack, you’ll be sure to know. The chest pain caused by a severe heart attack is almost unmistakable and very painful. Any chest pain should be reported to your doctor immediately in order to investigate the causes of the chest pain you are experiencing.

Heart disease is also one of the causes of chest pain. There is also an article on this site that explores this type of chest pain in more detail. Basically, if you feel a constricting pressure in your chest, neck or arms, you should see a doctor immediately. Sometimes heart disease will make your heart beat irregular. You might be lazing around on the couch and feel your heart start to beat as if you were running the Boston marathon and not just stuffing your face with your favourite chip and dip.

Almost all of these causes of chest pain can be avoided by maintaining a healthy, well balanced diet. If you are obese your chances for heart burn, heart attack and heart disease all skyrocket so it is important that you are aware of the different causes of chest pain and their meaning.

You should also make sure that you get a healthy dose of exercise, and that you are getting enough sleep. While heart disease and heart attacks may run in your family, and thus make you more prone to getting them, looking after your body is never a bad thing and can be the number one way to beat the causes of chest pain.

The older you get, the more likely you are to suffer from a heart attack. Women are more likely to get heart disease which can be one of the major causes of chest pain, but middle aged to senior men are more likely to suffer from a heart attack another of the major causes of chest pain. As you age your body is not able to take the rigors that you might throw at it, and so it becomes all the more important that you look after yourself and your heart in order to prevent these causes of heart pain.

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