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impotence affects 20% of men worldwide.Once considered to be purely psychological and affecting one in every twenty men, Impotence has made a rapid progress.

Because of lifestyle changes including diet, impotence now affects almost one in every five men in the world.

Do you happen to be one of them?

What exactly is impotence?

According to sexual therapists and doctors, Impotence is defined as the consistent inability to achieve an erection. The key word in the above phrase is consistent.

Unless and until you face the problem repeatedly, it cannot be called as impotence. There are some other closely related problems as well which also fall in the same category. For example, an erection that fades as soon as you try to have intercourse, an erection that is not rigid enough, etc.

It's all in the mind

Almost every male in the world is anxious while having sex because he's concerned about his sexual performance.

But at times, this anxiety can grow to such an extent that it can start interfering with your ability to have sex. Yes, strange as it may sound, sex performance anxiety is one of the main reasons why people face temporary bouts of impotence. These kinds of incidents are usually isolated and occur once in a while. No specialized treatment is available or is necessary. Today, there are sex therapists and counselors who will help you overcome performance anxiety and cope with the problem. Along with anxiety, stress, depression and too much alcohol can also cause the same problems for you.

Donít neglect the body

While temporary impotence has psychological reasons, the main reasons for chronic impotence lies inside your body.

High blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, kidney ailments, artherosclerosis and prostate cancer are some of the physical conditions that can lead to impotence.

A healthy lifestyle combined with regular exercise is one way to keep your body and erections fit and strong. There are people who can get it up and erect without any drug at the age of seventy. So why cant you?

Stay healthy, exercise regularly and impotence would be the last thing on your mind.

Drew Voight

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