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Saw palmetto (Serenoa repens)

Southeastern Indian men ate the berries of this common shrub to boost sperm production. Their girlfriends consumed them in hopes of growing larger breasts. There’s no evidence to support those claims. But scientists have discovered that saw palmetto berries contain phytoestrogens and can shrink enlarged prostate glands as effectively and far more cheaply than prescription medicines.


One of the currently popular "sex foods" is chocolate. Many studies, including those of Sanna and Miller, found that many women consider chocolate to be an aphrodisiac. There may be a medical reason for this. Chocolate contains high levels of phenylalanine, an amino acid that increases production of endorphins, which act as natural pain killers and antidepressants. Other foods with high phenylalanine content are almonds, apples, avocados, peanuts, pineapple, tomatoes, chicken, beef, and spinach.


New research also suggests that phosphorus can increase sex drive and responsiveness. Good sources of phosphorus include seafood (especially crabmeat and lobster), truffles, eggs, wheat germ, wheat bran, legumes, and seeds. This may explain the traditional Eastern European affection for seeds and nuts as aphrodisiacs.


Another mineral essential to sexual function is zinc. According to Michael Castleman in Sexual Solutions, zinc content of the prostate gland and sperm is higher than in any other body tissues. A deficiency of zinc is associated with numerous sexual problems, including sperm abnormalities and prostate disease. Zinc is necessary for the production of testosterone, and also helps to maintain vaginal lubrication. Stress, caffeine, smoking, and alcohol consumption increase the need for zinc. Zinc-rich foods include nuts, eggs, beef, legumes, chicken, whole grains, and seafood -- especially oysters! This may explain the legendary effectiveness of oysters as an aphrodisiac.

In summary, it wouldn't be wrong to conclude that food and sex are the two most pleasurable activities of human beings. Eat more foods that enhance sexuality, and use dining itself as a romantic experience, would be our advice to you. The results can only be pleasurable. And remember the words of the great French novelist Honore de Balzac: "Every night should have its own menu."

Sam Fields

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