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Since the time of the caveman, man has been on the lookout for some kind of a "magic potion" that would make him a better lover and improve his libido.

Whether he is a philandering Casanova or a faithful hubby sex drive improvement has been sought.

And now with Italy, of all places, having introduced a special course on "the art of seduction", and being as it is in such close proximity to the Vatican that continues to frown upon all carnal pleasures and stubbornly sticks to its antediluvian ideas pertaining to contraception, anything that could enable man, or woman, to "perform" better or improve libido would be more than welcome, Papal dictates notwithstanding.

So what if some crotch-centric, erection obsessed males have turned cold enough for the grave when the magic pill, Viagra is supposed to have infused heat into their loins. And so, despite it all, the search for the ideal, reliable and safe aphrodisiac continues...

From ginseng to geraniums, plants have been brewed, broiled, mashed and powdered to provide libido loin-stirring elixirs for Casanova wannabes. Chocolate for instance is rich in magnesium, a mineral that relaxes muscles and nourishes the sex glands. And this age-old Valentine favorite contains ample amounts of caffeine, which would have perked up the potentate, if nothing else.

You are what you eat. Herbs and other foods are packed with physiochemical that can have a profound effect on our moods and physiological functions. But is there a plant on the planet that can pump us up with passion?

African men traditionally have ingested the bark of yohimbe to fortify themselves before making love. Thatís because chemicals in yohimbe bark cause genital blood vessels to dilate.

More research is needed before scientists can undisputedly conclude that yohimbe, or any other herb, is capable of jump-starting our genitals. Herbs, nonetheless, can help us to feel better and have more fun in bed.

Visit any health-food store and youíll find a variety of herbs that have been used for centuries to pump up the love juices. If you take capsules, consume no more than the label recommends. To make herbal teas, steep one teaspoon of herb in one cup of hot water for 15 minutes. Drink up to three cups a day.

The herbs listed in this article are safe for consumption in moderation. But if you are chronically ill, have high blood pressure and/or have prostate difficulties check with your doctor before trying them. Otherwise, light a candle, put the kettle on, settle back with your lover and experiment with an herbal brew. Who knows? You might get lucky and naturally improve your libido.

Sam Fields

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