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Today's article is about a topic concerning something of vital importance to men. Their erections.

Now, I can just see you, sitting there reading this and most likely staryting to roll your eyes concerning the matter of male erections but have you noticed the ever increasing battle drug manufacturers are waging amongst themselves?

The NFL (which has a track record of steroid problems) must have developed an erection problem as well judging simply by the ads and sponsors. Even the pristine and unadulterated sport of golf has succumbed to the issue. The Golf Channel, now has segements sponsored by Cialis to ensure "you're ready for the weekend."

Everyone knows Viagra was first out of the chute with it's erection enhancement medication. In fact, most of us remember the shock of seeing Senator Robert Dole first admitting to the problem, and then championing the use of Viagra.

Following that ... sales exploded. There seemed to be a bringing down of the wall nobody wanted to talk about let alone admit was present in the lives of many men and couples. But that particular slippery slope just got steeper and more slippery with time.

As we've reported in other reports, Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are now being used by younger and younger men ... most of whom have no erection dysfunction.

A recent study revealed that Viagra use among men ages 18-45 increased a whopping 312 percent between 1998, when the drug was introduced, and 2002. Last year, Viagra sales reached $1.9 billion. It has now been taken by an estimated 23 million men worldwide.

Of course, simply scanning the vast pages on the web for various topics leads to one conclusion ... around the world, the natural male erection is becoming a thing of the past. Better living through pharmacological means is the status quo or so it seems.

Though that might be a slap in the face of men everywhere, a benefit and postive side-effect of the deludge of male erection enhancement medication ads has led to a more open and comfortable discussion of male sexuality and sexual health.

Although there is much more to male sexual health than simply taking a pill, it is a start don't you think?

What's most interesting though is the marketing of the drugs themselves. Pay special attention to these ads the next time your watching the Golf channel talk about how Tiger Woods has lost his swing since dumping coach Bruce Harmon ... you'll be surprised how much they don't really tell you what it's for.

Who know's ... maybe the pharmaceutical companies will come out with something to help my swing.

My golf swing that is.

Jim Shaw

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