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Halitosis – more commonly known as bad breath – can strike anyone, for any number of reasons.

Though the average case can usually be treated with brushing, flossing and a mouthwash rinse, there are those who suffer from chronic halitosis and expend a great deal of time, effort and frustration in their search for an effective cure.

This often results in failure, since there are a number of health issues which may be the catalyst for such a condition. Individuals who experience the effects of halitosis should seek intervention from their dentist or primary care physician if they find that their attempts to treat the problem are unsuccessful.

Often, chronic bad breath signifies a build-up of certain types of bacteria that dwell within the structure of the mouth resulting in bad breath in your throat, which your dentist may be able to provide treatment for.

There are a number of other catalysts for the onset of halitosis, however, and these may demand more aggressive forms of treatment. Included among the medical causes of halitosis are kidney, liver and lung diseases, as well as diabetes, blood disorders, carcinomas, gallbladder dysfunction, sinus and tonsilar infections, sinus drainage, post-nasal drip, menstruation and certain foods that react to the individual’s chemistry in such a way as to cause bad breath.

In addition, there are dental issues that may cause halitosis, such as extensive tooth decay, oral infections, abscesses, periodontal disease (gingivitis), allergies, xerostomia (dry-mouth condition) and oral cancer. Though there are numerous causes of chronic bad breath, fighting the condition may be difficult and, sometimes, expensive. In the case of cancer or diseases related to certain significant organs of the body, treatment may not be possible – or, if so, will be cost inhibitive, at the very least. In those scenarios, eliminating the symptom of bad breath means eradicating the illness that serves as the catalyst, which may not be an option. Consulting with your physician, dentist or oral surgeon will provide you with more information that’s significant to your particular case, as well as possible treatment plans that may be put into action.

One of the by-products of halitosis is social isolation. In addition to the medical problems that may be the cause of this type of problem, the impact that it has on an individual’s social life can be devastating. More often than not, people tend to associate bad breath with poor oral hygiene when, in fact, that may not be the case at all. Even someone who practices a daily regimen of brushing, flossing and mouth rinses can fall victim to halitosis and, when that happens, it can cause severe repercussions with family, friends and co-workers who may be less than understanding of such a condition.

If you should find yourself fighting against the effects of halitosis but haven’t found a successful treatment plan, you can now take comfort in the fact that there may now be some solutions to the problem starting with proper oral health.

Drew Voight

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