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 "Bad Breath in your Throat"

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Bad Breath in your Throat

Bad breath in the throat is caused by a build up of bacteria at the back of the throat and no wonder since the back of your throat is like Grand Central Station for bacteria.

Think about it, every time you eat or drink, each time you swallow and whenever you have post nasal drip, the back of your throat has to fight bad breath from taking over.

You can’t taste it, or smell it, so people rarely even know they have bad breath! It is like walking around with a big sign on your back that you can’t see, “I have bad breath.” It is embarrassing, and sadly, can affect your social life.

When bacteria finds the perfect conditions and are allowed to grow they will exude toxins which create the bad breath odor in your throat. Bad breath in the throat is also caused by sinus infections, cold and allergies which secret mucous that drips down the back of your throat creating perfect condition for the bacteria. The solution for fighting bad breath is to make sure the bacteria never find conditions to prosper in. So, to fight bad breath in the throat you must practice good oral health by 1) exercise proper brushing and flossing 2) regularly visit a dentist and 3) keep your throat clean and moist.

Another way to fight halitosis (bad breath) is to keep an eye on your diet and to clean your digestive system. Foods that are high in fat or a diet that is too high in protein can create bad breath in the throat. Acidic foods like onions, garlic, and orange juice can all make the problem worse. Yogurt can actually be a bad breath remedy because it contains the “good bacteria” that your system needs. When things run amuck, cleanse your system as a means to fight bad breath by drinking at least eight glasses of water per day. Add apple cider vinegar to a few of the glasses. The vinegar will cleanse your system and give your digestive system some of the beneficial acid that it lacks which may be causing that bad breath in your throat.

Bad breath from the throat can also be from a nasal or respiratory source, such as smoking. To fight chronic bad breath quit, or dramatically cut back on smoking and tobacco use. If you regularly suffer from sinus problems, consider a nasal wash, but consult your doctor first. According to WebMD, bad breath in the throat can also be caused by pharyngitis which is a common infection of the throat. If you have a sore throat and bad breath it is best to consult your doctor.

Bad breath in the throat can be triggered by a number of things from incorrect brushing, to a sinus infection, to an improper diet. The key to fighting bad breath is to pinpoint your triggers and eliminate the cause. This can be as simple as bumping up the number of times you brush your teeth per day, to drinking more water.

Sam Fields

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