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Sports Supplements for Men

Whether you're looking to lift heavier, run faster, tackle harder or live longer, sports supplements can help. But with literally thousands of options crowding the shelves of your local pharmacy or health-food store, its hard to know where to start or what to take.

Name a problem and there's 10 types of sports supplements starting with the letter "C" alone promising to fight it. Some of them work ... many of them don't. and the only thing they all have in common is that they want you to buy them. So what's a young guy to do? How do you navigate through the maze of sports supplements and their alluring advertisements when all your looking for is a bit more energy in the afternoon, a little more stamina on the court, or a bit of more pump in your biceps in the gym?

There are literally thousands of pills you could be taking at any one time. Forget them all. Listed below are the five sports supplements every man should be taking in order to fight disease, counteract bad genes, improve in the gym and simply live as long as possible.


It's not exotic but it's a must for everyone who doesn't get enough fruits and vegetables. (Ummm ... that's you and roughly 80% of other guys.) Rather than megadoses of nutrients, look for the pill that provides 100% of your daily requirements for as many different categories as possible. Make sure you buy a men's formula without extra iron because excess levels of iron can lead to a specific heart disease called hemachromatosis.

Protein Powder

You can get plenty of protein in your diet, but protein powder has other advantages: It's convenient and lower in calories than a "high protein" meal. Drinking a protein shake after your workout speeds muscle recovery and supplies amino acids needed for muscle growth. Of the two widely available proteins (whey and casein) whey is absorbed more quickly while casein is digested slowly, providing the body a longer-lasting source for muscle nutrients.


Stored in the muscle for use during exercise, creatinine supplements do help speed recovery and growth of lean-muscle mass after a workout. You can start creatinine supplements at a normal dose of three to five grams per day. You'll notice increased muscle gain rather quickly.

Green Tea

Why? Because green tea fights fat. You can drink the tea (about eight glasses per day) or take a green tea supplement of 90 milligrams three times daily.

Fish Oil

Most guys in their 20s and 30s aren't thinking about their hearts. But if you have a family history of disease, especially high blood pressure, you need to start thinking about fish oil, the best protection available against heart disease. Experts recommend taking about one to two grams daily but be aware ... this is not the time to save money. Cheap fish-oil sports supplements taste like fish and can leave you hiccuping herring all day long. Higher quality brands are more expensive, but are well worth it.

Drew Voight

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