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Penis Enlargement Doctor Botches Job

An Indian doctor in Britain who tried to make a fortune by enlarging penises has been struck off the medical register for doing a bad job.

The General Medical Council, which is the regulatory body for doctors in Britain, found Ravi Kant Aggarwal, 54, guilty of serious professional misconduct in a ruling on Friday.

Aggarwal, who is from Manchester, had launched into the business of enlarging penises on Harley Street, the street in London renowned for specialised treatment for the rich from all over the world.

It turned out that after one operation, his patient was left with a penis even shorter than before. It was also disfigured, according to evidence presented to the General Medical Council.

The council confirmed evidence presented by the patient, who has not been named. The patient had seen an advertisement placed by Aggarwal in the Men's Health magazine back in 1997. He saved up 3,250 pounds to pay for the operation.

The result was the opposite. The patient said in his testimony to the council that he fainted with shock when he saw the result of the surgery.

The other patient, Garrie Dunk, 42, a male stripper from Sheffield, gave evidence that he went in for penis enlargement to help his career. He told the council that the operation led to big swelling for a few weeks, following which he discovered that the operation had not succeeded.

The Medical Council determined that in both cases penises were of normal size to begin with, and that the men had only been imagining that they were too small.

Sam Fields

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