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Penis Enlargement, Penis Size and Male Enhancement Information
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Increasing Penis Girth

increasing penis girthIncreasing the length and girth of their penis must be the dream of every man who got the short end of the stick at birth. Men are afraid to compare to their peers, but they’d still like to know they are big enough.

How Natural Girth Enlargement Happens

While results vary across studies, the consensus is that the average human penis is approximately 12.7-15 cm (5-5.9 in) in length and 12.3 cm (4.85 in) in circumference when fully erect. The average penis size is slightly larger than the median size. Most of these studies were performed primarily on Caucasian subjects; worldwide averages may vary.


Chances are you have a perfectly normal penis – only about 0.6% of male population has what’s called a micropenis, which is a penis length of less than 2 (or 2.5 according to some authors) inches when fully erect. But even if men find out by reading medical articles or by asking their physician that they are of average size, some us still want to add more inches in length and girth.

And that’s fine, as long as you choose to do it safely. “Thickening Penis” exercises and “Longer Penis” exercises have been around for thousands of years probably. These exercises can really help you gain both length and girth, but they are not miracle cures or anything like that. I am not talking here about a magical pill that you take with a glass of water only to wake up the next morning with a 12-inch flaccid penis and a monstrous erect organ. This is not going to happen.

Natural Enlargement Benefits

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You can expect gains of up to 1-3 inches over a period of 6 month to a year; the slower the gains, the better for your body. Small incremental gains are what you should be aiming for to give your body time to heal and build new cells. These exercises harness both the destructive and constructive parts of your body by forcing it to produce more cells and tissue to repair the damage done by the exercises. It’s the natural way to grow in size.

There are two types of exercises: those which aim to help you gain girth and those which will help you gain length. Even if you believe you only want one or the other, it would be better to try a complete routine that balances both types of exercises.

The Jelq is basically a milking of the penis. One hand acts as a tourniquet to keep blood in the penis, while the other performs the milking motion to move the blood around. Jelqing sessions usually consist of a lot of repetitions and can take up as much time as you as you’re willing to spend on them. A better visual explanation of the Jelq method is: partially fill a balloon with water and use one hand to clamp the end of the balloon, while pushing the water into the other end.

Natural Enlargement ABC's

Everything is pretty much straight forward. One word of advice though. Find a program that not only offers you a booklet with exercises and routines, but also one that has real people to give you advice whenever you need.

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