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Penis Enlargement, Penis Size and Male Enhancement Information
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Natural Penis Enlargement

Natural penis enlargement exercises have currently established themselves as the number one method of choice among men worlwide to develop the size of their penis. The basic principle is that by using exercises you can enhance your girth and length by up to 3 inches.

How Natural Enlargement Happens

Your penis consists of three chambers ... two large chambers on the top and 1 smaller chamber on the bottom. When you have an erection, these chambers fill with blood.

The Corpus Spongiosum is the bottom chamber and used generally when you urinate and ejaculate but the Corpora Cavernosa on the other hand, is the main top blood holding chamber of the penis where 90% of all blood is stored each erection.

Basically, the only real method of penis enlargement is to correctly improve and increase the diameter of the blood-holding spaces inside of the Corpora Cavernosa. This is only likely through the use of specific exercises and techniques made especially for penile growth and development.

Some facts about successful completion of a good natural enlargement program:

  • The Corpora Cavernosa is a particular size which limits your erection girth and length.
  • Good penis enlargement exercise programs force the blood to fill all spaces within the Corpora Cavernosa, extending and enlarging the blood spaces with every session.
  • After one month, your erections will become hard and your sexual stamina better as you learn to control your ejaculations.
  • After 2-3 months, your penis will become permanently larger when flaccid and when fully erect.

Natural Enlargement Benefits

After almost a month, you can expect to increase about half an inch in erect length and fullness. At this point, you will also have increased and enhanced the function of your 'PC muscle'. This muscle is positioned just behind your scrotum and plays an important role in ejaculation. By increasing this muscle and developing the control you have over it, you are able to slow down ejaculation and gain your sexual stamina.

After several weeks of natural penis enlargement exercises, you'll notice your erections become much harder and thicker than before.

If you continue to exercise regularly over the following few months, it's usual to increase around 2 inches in erect length and just over an inch in thickness. This is a good goal to aim for, as it is a reasonable target and is achievable for the majority of men.

Natural Enlargement ABC's

For your penis size problems, ABC's of Penis Enlargement provides you the complete solution ... it's the most unique and most effective penis enlargement system.

Their program does not require penis pumps, surgery or weights.

It is a 100 percent natural penis enlargement program that tells exactly how to add up to three inches to your penis length and girth together with seven minutes of daily exercise.

With their Natural Penis Enlargement program, you will become larger. Only a few minutes everyday and within weeks, you can naturally and safely increase your penis size and obtain a thicker, healthier and well-developed penis.

Sam Fields

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