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Have you ever wondered why your penis does what it does?

Ever wonder why men don't urinate when they ejaculate? Do you even know the basic information about yourself? When your finished with todays lesson, you will.

The anatomy of the penis is complex. It is comprised primarily of two cylinders of sponge-like vascular tissue (corpus cavernosa) that fills with blood to create an erection.

Blood is pumped into the penis under great pressure and a series of valves keep it in the penis to maintain the erection. A third cylinder is the urethra, a tube that carries the urine and the ejaculate. The knobby head of the penis is called the Glans.

Blood flows to the penis by two very small arteries that come from the Aorta. These arteries are the same size as the arteries to your finger.

The main problem that causes impotence is that the blood vessels become blocked and the blood can not get to the penis. The other major problem is leakage of blood from the penis into the veins around the penis called a venous leak. This is very common, similar to a hole in a tire. The larger the hole the more air that needs to be pumped into the tire to keep it hard.

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    Corpora Cavernosa

    The erectile tissue (corpora cavernosa & corpus spongiosum) in the penis expands during sexual stimulation. Penis enlargement programs aim to increase the holding capacity of this tissue allowing higher amounts of blood to be held by the penis tissues during stimulation causing an increase in penis size. The sexual stimulation can be visual, tactile, auditory, olfactory, or imaginative. During sexual stimulation the arteries supplying the penis with blood dilate and large amounts of blood rush into the erectile tissue. The blood is trapped because the vessels draining the penis become compressed. The penis stays this way until ejaculation or until the male is no longer stimulated.


    The epididymis is a structure which lies on and around each testicle. It functions in the transport, storage and maturation of sperm cells originating from the testicle. When a man complains of scrotal pain, acute or chronic epididymitis is far and away that most common diagnosis. Acute epididymitis is usually more severe involving more significant swelling and pain than chronic epididymitis. Epididymitis which lasts more than six weeks is considered chronic epididymititis.

    Vas Deferens

    The vas deferens are tubes which carry the produced sperm to the prostate where it's activated by an enzyme prior to ejaculation. These tubules are cut and tied during a vasectomy.


    Your testes are a large number of tightly packed coiled tubes. This is where sperm is produced. Sperm production takes about two months, but it's continuously produced. A typical male produces several hundred million each day. This sperm production process is called Spermatogenesis. The sperm that is not ejaculated is broken down and reabsorbed.

    Testes also contain cells that secrete the male sex hormone testosterone. Spermatozoa are among the smallest and most highly specialized cells in the body. All the characteristics that a baby will inherit from it's father in fertilization are in the material found in each sperm head. The nucleus is covered by a specialized enzyme coating that enable the sperm to break down the covering of the egg and permit entry if contact occurs. Each sperm has a mid piece and an elongated tail that helps the sperm swim in its competition to fertilize the egg. Somethimes there are problems in this process resulting in male infertility.


    The scrotum is a pouch like sac that hangs outside of the body cavity behind your penis. This location provides the correct temperature for the sperm to produce.

    Jim Shaw

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    Penis Health
    Penis Health
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