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Are Boxers of Briefs Better for Men?

Boxers of briefs?When Bill Clinton was elected President of the U.S., during one of his earliest press conferences, a female news reporter asked the following...

"Mr. President, all of America wants to know the it boxers or briefs?"

When I heard that...I thought for sure the Oval Office had reached a new low...but then George B came along and...well, that's another story.

Views on Underware

Ever since World War II, men have argued back and forth about which is the best option for the modern man: boxers or briefs. Both sides have valid points and neither lost any time in making them clear, but the debate is still on. Every man makes his choice and then goes out in the world to promote it to other men. Whatís even more interesting is the fact that nearly every man is adamant that his choice is the best possible one. It also seems, the issue of boxers or briefs has become fantasy fuel for the ladies.

A Brief History of Briefs

Briefs have been around since before the first war and had been an instant hit at their launching. Men loved the tight fit that prevented the penis and testicles from swinging around during walking or, even more important, while running. One has to remember that, in those days, people did far more walking than today, which is why briefs were so popular. Moreover, boxer shorts have an unpleasant tendency to move upwards on the body when the wearer is running. Briefs stay put, which is why men engaged in athletic activities simply loved them. Check out any comic book from the golden age of comics and youíre bound to see a guy dressed in a tight suit and briefs.

A Jab at Boxers

Boxers, on the other hand, are the equivalent of freedom. Some men are far more comfortable with loose fitting underwear, either because their penises donít fit well inside the briefs or simply because they donít like the tight feeling. Boxers are very popular among men who need unrestricted leg movement, such as boxers, which is how this type of underwear got its name. Another point in their favor is the fact that boxers can be worn as shorts around the house or in bed.

Scrotal Science

Recent studies have found that tight fitting clothing, whether itís briefs or jeans, is not good for male fertility since testicles need a little space in order to produce sperm in an effective manner. Briefs also keep the testicles close to the body and, thus, at a higher temperature then the optimum needs for spermatogenesis. Men interested in penis enlargement should also know that loose underwear helps the flow of blood around the penis. An unhindered blood flow is crucial to successful penis enlargement and to the all-important gains men are they claim.

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    A Brief Conclusion?

    To me, it seems obvious that Boxer shorts are better for the health of the male penis. The body temperature is able to self-regulate, evidently your sperm is more comfortable in boxers and you can get really cool beer slogans on your boxers.

    As an added benefit...if you ever have to hit the road quickly and thumb a won't look as stupid as somebody trying to hitch a ride wearing some tidy-whities.

    Sam Fields

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