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The "Willy Workout"

I was asked to name some of the most famous "Willy's" I could think of...

Willie Nelson, Willie Stargel, Willy Wonka, Willie Randolph and Free Willy came to mind immediately.

Of course, what I didn't think of was the term "Willy" as applied to the penis...which is exactly what the remainder of this article is about...the most important Willy in the world...Yours!

Genital Exercises

Genital exercises were developed specifically to help post-natal women combat incontinence. There are some men who want to find exercises that will prevent premature ejaculation, but from my point of view, there's no problem with early ejaculation when you consider that sex involves somebody else. By that I mean that anybody who tends to ejaculate soon after penetration should make sure that they have done everything possible to satisfy their partner before they insert. Ejaculation is a problem if it takes too long rather than happening too quickly.

Strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles is the same for men and women. But in the case of men, putting it simply their only option is to harden the muscles in the groin area near the base of the penis. To do this, start by squeezing the anus and counting slowly to eight. Counting slowly to eight once again, slowly relax the muscles. Concentrate on the anus and make sure you are not moving muscles in your lower abdomen region. Move your right hand to your lower abdomen region and check that you are not using the muscles there.

Specific Penis Exercises

An even simpler method of giving your penis a workout is to get an erection and cover it with a handkerchief, then repeatedly move the penis up and down. The handkerchief should be placed on the penis in the same way you would throw a necktie on a coat hanger, then consciously moved up and down. Once you've got used to this, wet the handkerchief to add some extra weight. Don't overdo it, though, or you could end up with a fractured penis. Of course, the penis has no bones, so it's not possible to have a fracture in the strictest sense of the word, but over-exerting the penis could cause the spongy body to rupture, an occurrence more frequent than you might think. Strengthening the penis is done not simply by continuing to give it a burden to it, but through tightening and loosening the muscles, exercise and rest. And these actions must be repeated at appropriate intervals. There's no need to think too deeply about it, but aim to repeat the exercise about 50 to 100 times every morning.

Premature Ejaculation Help

If you're so worried about premature ejaculation that you want to know an exercise to combat it, then why not try the Stop and Squeeze Method?

First, stimulate the penis the way you would as if you were about to masturbate. Continue until you are on the verge of ejaculation, then stop the stimulation, grab hold of the head of the penis by placing your index and middle fingers on the upper side and thumb on the underside and then squeeze firmly for about three or four seconds.

Once this has weakened the erection and eliminated the sense that ejaculation is imminent, stimulation can begin again. If your arousal level reaches 100 percent, you'll have no option other than to ejaculate, so keep it at around 80 percent or so if possible.

For those with a partner, I recommend the stop-start method. Get the partner to stimulate your penis by hand. When you get arouse to the point of ejaculation, give them a sign to stop, then start over again once the urge to orgasm has subsided. Repeat this four times and ejaculate only after the fourth time. Once you've got used to the method, trying using it during intercourse, with the woman riding on top.

This is probably the only time in life when I can honestly say...that exercising is fun.

Jim Shaw

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