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Penis Size Debate

Studies have conclusively shown that males endowed with bigger penises are more successful in their sex lives ... thus stirring up the penis size debate once again.

However cavemanish it is, one fact is clear: the dynamics of the average sex life for healthy males are primarily linked to the size of their penises ... at least according to the study.

What the Study Found

First, men with larger penises managed to pick up and bed more women.

Second, women are more satisfied with the sexual performance of men with larger size over those with a smaller size.

This does not mean that all men whose penises are smaller are less successful. For sure, some of them are very active in their sex lives, but the number of such men is low.

It seems that most of the men with bigger penises are more confident in their own power of seduction and in their performance in bed. Confidence is one of the keys to a successful sex life and is considered by many women to be the most important feature in a man, aside from the physical endowment. One could say that confidence is an adjunct of penis size in the game of attraction.

It’s pretty much a fact that most women are biased in bed and simply like bigger penises. Bigger than average, that is. Just as not big enough is likely to be a crucial setback, a penis that is too big tends to scare women away. The key to success lies in a certain size range and, of course, in the right attitude.

Simply put, the odds for a man to succeed in satisfying his partner enough to have her come back for more are much higher if the man has a bigger than average penis size.

Despite soundbites such as “Size does not matter”, or “The key is how you use it”, a bigger penis makes the job much easier for the man and brings more pleasure to his lady, which is why men look to increase penis size often.

Men wanting to increase their sexual performance often turn to penis enlargement exercises or even resort to penis enlargement surgery in order to quelsh any penis size debate they may face in the future.

Drew Voight

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