"articles pertaining to the penis, it's function and how to improve it"

Penis articles

(Jim Shaw - 4MEN Health )

His articles ...
Penis "Know thyself"
Penis problems "Is it supposed to do that?"
Peyronie's Disease "Bending the truth"

(Drew Voight - 4MEN Health staff)

His articles ...
Penis size "You think you're small!"
Penis enlargement "The facts!"
Penis enlargement exercises "Do they really work?"
Penis enlargement problems "Things to watch out for"

(Professor Ellis - 4MEN Health staff)

His articles ...
Circumcision "Problems no matter how you slice it"
Circumcision controversy "Trouble in the 'hood'"
Penis size advice "Looking to make it larger?"

(Sam Fields - 4MEN Health staff)

His articles ...
Penis fractures "yep, it can break"
Penis enlargement surgery "mangled members"
Phalloplasty "Fancy name- bad results
Vig Rx pills "So many sites, so little proof"
Enzyte "Penis enlargement hits prime time"

World Penis News

  • Indian Doctor Loses Job Over Penis Enlargement
  • 13 Million Dollars For Fried Penis
  • Penis Piercing Parents
  • Blowjobs in the Name of the Law
  • Peruvian Man Cuts Off Testicle
  • German Penises are small
  • Man finds human penis
  • Teenager Grows New Penis
  • Take a bite out of crime
  • India's penises
  • Girl gets stuck
  • Penis Puppeteers
  • Earwigs' extra member
  • Bogus Penis Enlargement Surgery
  • Dutch penis blooms finally
  • Kung Fu Penis
  • Man bites scrotum
  • Penis spells
  • Penile Implant
  • Pocket Pets
  • Man severs penis for God
  • A penis is worth?
  • Penis sculptures
  • Up a creek
  • Drinking penis
  • De-stiffing a stiffy
  • Satisfied with size
  • An ovary is worth?
  • Russian blows chance
  • The penis show
  • Improper penis enlargement
  • Dream of bigger penis
  • Severed penis art
  • It's a boy?
  • Taxpayer penis implants
  • Gay Bobbitt?
  • Cut them off
  • Mother-in-law gets scrotum
  • Scrotum a sex organ
  • Scrotum injury
  • Penis screensaver
  • Coffin maker cuts penis
  • Three foot penis
  • Defective penis implant
  • Penis re-attachment
  • Koala bear penises
  • Penis gambling
  • Mr. Stumpy
  • Fake penis
  • Penis scratch

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