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Penis Enlargement Surgery Complications

Penis enlargement surgery ( phalloplasty) can have he was now experiencing.

His doctor was out of town, and the covering physician didnít return his what-the-hell-is-happening-to-my-weenie calls until the following day. He hadnít been prescribed any pain medication after the surgery because his doctor didnít have the right notepad with him. Luckily, his waiting-room efforts to pick up the receptionist paid off: A phone call to her secured Dangle some much needed relief. (Well, she got him the painkillers, anyway.)

Now that the bandages were off, Dangle was devastated by what he saw. "It was grotesque, because of the swelling and everything else. The doctor said it would go down after a few weeks, and it did. But the swelling gave way to lumps at the top and bottom of my penis."

"Didn't he tell you to expect that?"

"Yes, he said there would be bruising and swelling, but not like this. I was leaking blood into my sack!"

"Did you ever consider penis enlargement exercises instead of the surgery? You might have lost blood but you kept your dignity right?"

No answer back ... just a stare.

One of the bits of information Dangle claims he never received from his doctor was that he would have him wear weights on his new penis to keep it from retreating back into his body!!! (Italics and exclamation points mine.) The weights, on which is clearly printed this product is sold as a novelty item only, are about three pounds. "Youíre supposed to wrap íem on and leave íem there to dangle," says Dangle. "Itís very painful, to the point where you feel like your testicles are popping out of place."

The lumps at the top and bottom of his penis, the result of injected fat coagulating instead of spreading evenly, are a disturbingly common side effect. "All I can say is that my penis is deformed," says Dangle. "Itís the same length as before, only now itís like thereís a golf ball inside my penis when Iím erect." I mentioned to him this might come in handy when looking for a lost ball in the rough.

Appearance is only half the story; his penis function took a big hit as well. For weeks after the operation, it hurt Dangle to urinate - to this day, a few seconds after he thinks heís done taking a leak, heíll have to go a little more. But thatís just an annoyance; sex is now a nightmare. "Itís painful to have an erection, not to mention to ejaculate," Dangle says. "I feel as if someone came along and just massacred me."

After spending an additional $7,500 on penis surgery to fix his penisí appearance, Dangle sued his doctor, and they reached a settlement for an undisclosed sum. He claims heís unhappy with the amount, and we believe him. How much cash would you accept in exchange for a permanently screwed sex life? "Itís very hard when a sex partner actually makes you feel worse about yourself," says Dangle. "When they see it, and go to touch it, you can actually watch them getting turned off. And that makes you feel like dirt."

Dangleís is an extreme case, certainly, and there are likely many examples of happily elongated customers. But itís worth noting that the American Urological Association "considers subcutaneous fat injection for increasing penile girth, and division of the suspensory ligament of the penis for increasing penile length, to be procedures which have not been shown to be safe or efficacious." In other words, get the surgery and youíre taking your penis out of your hands, and placing it into somebody elses.

I don't know about you...but I kinda feel uncomfortable with my penis in another guys hands...especially if one of them are holding a knife.

Sam Fields

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