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Delaying Ejaculation

Do you reach orgasm faster than she says, “Is it in yet”?

Wouldn't you like to know how to delay ejaculation?

Many men dread sexual performance with good reason.

Ejaculating too early or too fast robs you and your partner of the pleasure that sexual intercourse can give which is why men want information on delaying ejaculation.

Believed to be the most common sexual complaint of couples ... about 29 percent of men are reportedly bothered by these episodes and actively seek information on delaying their ejaculations.

Rapid Ejaculation Reasons

There are many reasons why a man “cums” or ejaculates too fast. Biologically, men experience climax much earlier than women. Men reach orgasm within 2-3 minutes after penetration, in contrast to women who take their time (about 12-14 minutes).

Additionally, there are also psychological factors that bring about early or premature ejaculation. These include guilt, anxiety (lack of experience), or fear of sexually transmitted disease, potential pregnancy, etc. Older men are also known to be able to control their ejaculation as compared with their younger counterparts. They credit it to their experience.

Controlling Ejaculation

So, how can you control yourself from ejaculating too quickly? One way is to perform kegel exercises which strengthens your PC (pubococcygeus) muscle, which is the primary “sexual muscle” that forms part of the pelvis. The PC muscle is largely involved with sexual functions such as ejaculation and orgasm. With regular exercise, this muscle can provide firmer and larger erections, powerful ejaculations and more intense climaxes.

So where is this muscle located? Try stopping the flow of your urine midway. The PC muscle, located between the anus and scrotum, is the one you contracts when you try to stop the flow of your urine.

How to go about exercising your PC muscles? Try clenching and releasing your PC muscle in ten-second periods. Perform three sets of this. Take a breather. Now, try the clench-and-release technique for five seconds. Perform ten sets of this. This time, try tightening the muscle for 30 seconds and relaxing for 30 seconds. Perform three sets of this.

This exercise is rather simple and easy to perform. You can do it by yourself -- just about anytime and anywhere. You don’t need any device or contraption to exercise your PC muscle. But, like all exercise regimens, you need to commit to a routine devotedly. Famous porn stars, with explosive cumshots, are even rumored to perform these exercises faithfully.

So next time you and your partner are making love, try to go inside her and pause for awhile. Don’t move for several seconds; then try tightening and relaxing your PC muscle.

You also have to keep in mind that different women also prefer different types of sex. Some prefer the long and sensual approach; while others favor the pound-pound-pound approach. It’s always better to know your partner’s preference so that you can both enjoy an intimate sexual fun.

Sam Fields

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Premature ejaculation definitions and information


Premature ejaculation definitions and information

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