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 Prostate Cancer

Nobody knows what causes prostate cancer, but environmental factors appear to be important. Prostate cancer in Asia is significantly lower than in Europe, America and Australasia. The specific environmental causes are unclear, but evidence suggests that dietary fat may increase the risk, and lycopenes (found in tomatoes, especially rich in cooked tomato products) may reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

Prostate Cancer Articles

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Nanotechnology use in Prostate Cancer
Capitalizing on the promise of the field, the National Cancer Institute announced Sept. 13 a $144.3 million program to establish the National Nanotechnology Standardization Laboratory and to set up at least five nanotechnology-research centers across the nation.

Prostate Cancer Long Term Therapy
Men with prostate cancer who do not have a high risk of recurrence or disease progression do not need to have long-term hormone therapy in addition to external-beam radiation therapy.

Hormone Therapy Side Effects
One way to treat prostate cancer is to cut back on the amount of testosterone and related hormones circulating in the body, which can shrink a prostate tumor or slow its growth. But, as with most medical treatments, there are drawbacks to hormone therapy, including a possible risk of bone fractures.

Hormone Therapy Treatment for Prostate Cancer
Men with aggressive, metastatic prostate cancer who undergo immediate hormone therapy live on average three to four years longer than men who delay similar treatment, new research shows.

Prostate cancer Gene
A gene discovered by an Australian researcher could within five years lead to a test for prostate cancer that might catch the killer disease at a pre-cancerous stage.

Controlling Androgens
In more than half the 27 000 men diagnosed with prostate cancer every year doctors try to bring the disease under control by stopping production of androgens, including testosterone.

Gleason Score
Were not talking about the past loves of Comedian Jackie Gleason here, where talking about the medical staging of prostate cancer.

Additional Prostate Cancer Articles

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