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Getting in shape for sex

The house is empty, the candles are lit, and there's no place else the two of you have to be... In other words, the stage is set for a night of wild, hair-pulling, bed-thumping, no-holds-barred sex. On the other hand, you could have 10 minutes of doing it, get all tuckered out, and spend the rest of the evening snoozing in front of the late news. Your choice buddy.

If the former option sounds more inviting than the latter, you can make it happen, and I can help you. Simply select you favorites from this article series and you'll be loving her until the cows come home, until pigs fly, or at least until Leno comes on.

Let's get one thing out of the way to start with: Having straight sex for hours and hours sounds good in theory, but in practice it would be hell. "You can't have sex all night long - and if you did you'd be very sore," says Mark Klein, Ph.D., "what's more, most women don't want sex for hours on end either."

In fact, there are plenty of ways other than sex to round out a long lovemaking session. And if you're looking for an all-night lovefest, you'll get a lot farther by varying your positions and incorporating different forms of affection. Klein suggests supplementing such alternative as "mouths, fingers, massage, blindfolds, bathing together, and telling each other stories." You might even have so much fun you'll forget about the sex part...but I doubt it.

Sexual Fitness

Does the phrase "the spirit was willing but the flesh was weak" mean anything to you? Simply holding up your body (or hers) for long periods of time can be exhausting. And while changing positions can help, eventually your muscles will simply give out if they are not properly trained.

  • (1)Strengthening all your major muscle groups will help you with the support but your chest, shoulders, arms and abdominals are particularly important.
  • (2)Push-ups and bench presses will help you hold yourself up missionary-style, while ab crunches can help keep you swinging through the night.
  • (3)Don't schedule a tough workout session for right before a night of sex, or you may find yourself sidelined with muscle soreness by midnight. If nothing else, avoid brutal leg-training sessions.
  • (4)If you're getting winded before you and your partner are ready to quit, regular aerobic workouts will improve your endurance.

And since a recent Stanford University study related aerobic capacity to life span, performing cardio consistently could grant you two of mankings fondest wishes: better sex and longer life. Thirty minutes to an hour per day - at a minimum of 3 times per week - of biking, running, hiking or playing sports will increase the likelihood of both.

Paul Ellis - Men's Health

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