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It’s natural for a man’s sex drive and sexual performance, even if he’s as fit as a triathlete, to have its ups and downs. There never seems to be a convenient time to have a “down” period, but there are ways to make sure you’re always at attention when the call to duty comes.

Research has found that what you put into your mouth has the power to lift your spirits--and certain parts of your anatomy. And while some foods can boost your mood and make you feel like Barry White on Spanish fly, others can cause your sex drive to wilt like a Third World economy.

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Hockey improves the male sex drive
That's right, you heard about it here first. The toothless wonders have the hgihest recorded male sex drive among athletes.

Hot Plants for Improved Sex Drive?
Are you a "healthy normal male" with a subnormal sex life? What's that, you ask?

Increasing your Sex Drive
What are the sex busters, sex boosters and Mojo making meals men can eat?

Low Sex Drive
As with the health of your heart, lungs and many other functions in your body, when it comes to getting jiggy with it, the name of the game is antioxidants.

Male Libido Enhancement
Need some extra gas in the tank for those long nights? Follow our advice, and she'll be wishing you had another hobby!

Libido Enhancers
These libido enhancers can be found at your local grocery store, your local drugstore, heck ... even in your own home ...

Naturally Improve Libido?
You'd never believe what we found out!

Vitamins for Increased Libido?
There are certain substances, including vitamins and minerals that increase a mans sex drive ...

From times immemorial, man has been on the lookout for some kind of a "magic potion" that would make him a better lover and improve his libido. Whether he is a philandering Casanova or a faithful hubby libido improvement has been sought.

Additional Sex Drive Articles

Sex Drive Additional Pages Sex Drive 1

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