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Female Sex Drive

It might be difficult to believe, but the female sex drive ... a rather hot and cold subject ... can be stimulated by a substance called PT-141.

PT-141 Experiments

Palatin Technologies, a New Jersey company, bought the rights to a substance known as Melanotan II which was discovered at the University of Arizonia a few years ago. Since then, the mad scientist's at Palatin have been using the substance in and on their lab rats ... and humans as well. The results? Women just can't seem to get enough of the future female viagra.

"You Dirty Rat"

Here's what the scientist's found... evidently rats have a mating ritual. The female rat will approach the male head-to-head. She will wiggle her ears, she will wiggle her whiskers, she will nibble at him, and finally she'll turn and run away. If the male chooses not to pursue her, she may return and, as one leading rat sexologist puts it, "kicks him in the face". Which would usually do the trick for me.

Luckily I'm not alone... this tends to do the trick in the male rat as well. The male gives chase, catches the female and climbs on top of her, at which point only two key preparations remain to be completed. First, so that the female's low-slung genitalia can be reached from above, her hindquarters will bend upward in a reflexive arching of the back called lordosis. Second, so that the male may take advantage of this invitation, his penis will emerge from its hiding place under the abdominal fur. And then... the little rats are on the way.

When male rats were given PT-141 spray, their erection frequency increased as well as their sexual performance. But ... what about the female sex drive... could it do anything for that?

Concordia University behavioural-neurobiology research teams discovered that PT-141 given to female rats did increase the female sex drive. In fact, the research team even detected an increase in the rarer phenomenon in which a female rat will throw coyness to the winds and, in a performance worthy of Kim Cattrall, mount the chosen male herself.

Thus the case is made. Evidence not only of PT-141's potential as a treatment for women but of its ability to do more than just move blood around.

Rats aren't people, to be sure, and as test subjects they suffer from a frustrating inability to tell us, in words, how they experience what they're subjected to.

But that has an upside as well....

The bad thing about animals is they don't talk. The good thing is they don't lie.

Sam Fields

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