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It’s natural for a man’s sexual performance, even if he’s as fit as a triathlete, to have its ups and downs. There never seems to be a convenient time to have a “down” period, but there are ways to make sure you’re always at attention when the call to duty comes.

Research has found that what you put into your mouth has the power to lift your spirits--and certain parts of your anatomy. And while some foods can boost your mood and make you feel like Barry White on Spanish fly, others can cause your sex drive to wilt like a Third World economy.

“You can be a sexual dynamo at any age,” assures Ann Louise Gittleman, M.S., C.N.S., author of Super Nutrition for Men, who says that there's a definite connection between diet and sexuality: Simply, if you don't have enough energy, you won’t perform well. But before you empty the entire contents of your refrigerator into your mouth in search of the pompotous of love, digest the food chemistry Gittleman believes works best.

To shed the Clark Kent mantle and become a real Man of Steel, forego exotic rhino-horn powders and bullfrog-uvula extracts. Instead, focus on clean, well-balanced foods that will provide you with the nutrients and energy necessary to please your significant other. “You need to have a proper balance of carbohydrates, protein and fat,” says Gittleman. “I recommend a 40-30-30 ratio, because with too many carbs your energy goes south, and not to the point you want it to go.”

In other words, your blood sugar can bottom out and you may experience headaches, fatigue, mood swings and insomnia, all of which add up to one lackluster night in the bedroom. You also need to make certain you’re eating plenty of protein, such as eggs, fish, meats and poultry.

“Amino acids--the building blocks of protein--help to increase sperm count as well as affect the neurotransmitters that develop the energy to actually become interested in sex,” says Stephen Sinatra, M.D., medical director of Eastern Connecticut Health Network and author of Optimum Health.

Protein also stabilizes blood sugar and reduces mood swings and lethargy, which will keep you from saying the dreaded words: “Not tonight, honey.”

Drew Voight

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