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Sex Performance Anxiety Treatment

What can a man do?

Even Mr. Rodgers has trouble every now and then with Mrs. Rodgers.

What can be done professionally to help treat performance anxiety ... the interview continues...

That wouldn't be an erectile dysfunction problem because, obviously, he's erect when he's having that.

Filewich "That's an anorgasmic problem."

Sometimes when I start having intercourse I get so excited that I ejaculate within the first couple of moments. I feel embarrassed, et cetera. What can I do to keep that up longer?" Again, very quickly ... your thoughts?

Filewich "Lots of different things. You could use medication, or the SSRIs can inhibit your sexual response to the point where you don't prematurely ejaculate. You could have people use a technique called the squeeze and stop technique where you actually use your own body as a biofeedback device so you can actually learn the point of no return so that you never really get to it until you want to get to it. You can have a person who can go ahead and masturbate before the situation so that if they're very, very sexually aroused and they can achieve orgasm pretty readily, again, but you have them masturbate beforehand it takes a little of the edge off it and therefore they can have more sustaining power."

Rosenberg "That disorder, just for the record, is called premature ejaculation. It happens a lot for men who have extremely high testosterone levels or are extremely sexual, and one of the things that you say to such a patient is, I understand it's a problem, but understand, you're a very macho guy. You have a high sex drive," and that sort of helps, then, as well."

Now, very quickly, treatments. Everybody's heard about Viagra this, Viagra that. Is that a big part of Viagra, to help people with performance anxiety?

Rosenberg "Viagra is the drug of choice nowadays if you're going to use a drug for erectile dysfunction. It doesn't work to give you an erection. What it does is keeps the blood in the penis. You need to take it a half hour to an hour before you're going to have intercourse, because it has to get to your penis. You have to wait for certain metabolic things to happen, and then you also need to be stimulated. Once you're stimulated, what Viagra does very nicely -- it works about 80 percent of the time -- is it keeps the blood in the penis, so it really keeps the hydraulic system, if you will, going and enables people to last longer and have second erections, that sort of thing."

But you need a doctor to prescribe it ...

Rosenberg "Yes, you need a doctor to prescribe, and I would say you need an educated doctor to make sure you don't have any cardiac side effects, because it could be a serious, if not dangerous drug if taken incorrectly. But I think it's important to say and responsible to say that it has side effects and it's not something to be taken lightly. It's not something to take over the Internet."

I want to thank both of these gentlemen for sharing their views and time with 4MEN for YOU

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