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Sexual Health

It's obvious that sexual health is vital to survival of the human race.

While most species of Earth use the sexual act for procreation, humankind may be the only one for which sex is a pleasure and obsession. It is a basic instinctual urge that all humans experience at some time, and the sexual/sensual component of a relationship is often necessary to keep it strong and healthy.

Sexual health changes over time

Many changes have occurred in our sexual focus in the last quarter century. It is no longer oriented just to erections, lasting longer in bed, and multiple orgasms, though that might be the interest for some. We now have more responsibilities for our own and each otherís sexual health. Not transmitting sexual diseases or creating unprepared-for pregnancies - is definitely both sensible and in vogue. Condoms are back, birth control is important, and knowing your partner is crucial to sexual health. There have always been some built-in dangers with sexual activity, from syphilis to gonorrhea to herpes and now AIDS. As the dangers grow, often so do the mystique and adventure of sexuality.

Sexual health is in vogue

People are more monogamous, attempting to focus on loving and supporting one another, looking more for growth and learning and less for control and dependency. Relationship vitality is important and often secondary to sexual health; love that binds us must reach many levels, emotional and spiritual as well as physical. Few relationships last over the long term that are based on good sex alone, just as few endure without a decent sexual relationship. Ultimately, love is the overriding principle, and with love, physical sharing and enjoyment are manifest.

Sexual health is determined by factors

Stress and nutrition are important factors in sexual health. Stress, particularly mental stress in the form of worry, overwork, and financial concerns, can interfere with sexual energy, sexual health and expression. On the other hand, sexual problems themselves can be a source of sex performance anxiety and unhappiness. Resolving relationship problems often requires some psychological assistance. Guilt can be a big psychological block to adequate sexual energy and hinder sexual health. In many situations, there has not been a clear emotional separation from a parent or a previous loved one, and subconscious feelings of incest or adultery may be undermining the experience. Fears of certain fantasies becoming reality may also create anxiety interference and hinder sexual health.

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