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Buying Condoms

Buying CondomsThere is something I donít understand.

There are some men that are embarrassed when it comes to buying condoms, and this I donít understand because actually, I'm one of them.

What I do understand is when a teenager might be buying them, or perhaps when you are single and not seeing anyone that there might be some embarrassment. However, when a grown, married man is having trouble going into a store and buying condoms I have to wonder why.

This is a huge problem that alot of men have and Iím not sure what to make of it.

I can understand why we wouldnít want to go into the store to buy tampons, but even that is a little fuzzy. Surely we know the clerk isnít going to think they are for us, right?

I guess itís easier for a woman because they are used to buying stuff like that, and itís really no big deal. Buying condoms should be easier for us, but instead you would think we were going into the store for some Vagisil and Anusol or something related.

Honestly...I canít understand why men get embarrassed when we are buying condoms.

For us, birth control pills are not an option and until the male birth control pill comes out...we're kinda stuck.

My wife is at high risk for blood clots so I know she canít take them. Buying condoms is the perfect way to ensure we donít have another child just yet. We arenít quite ready for number two and Iím not chancing it just because I'm weird about buying condoms. If the car were in her possession more often I'm sure she would go out and buy them herself.

Condum Conundrum

To me, I guess buying condoms is a fact of life for us, but I'm sure most guys see it as something different. I have never seen a single person give me a sideways glance or even a second thought to me buying condoms when I do go out for them.

At the very least it shows you are having sex on a regular basis, and what is so embarrassing about that?

As far as I know, thatís something that not every guy has.

Perhaps I will never be able to understand what my problem is. What is so embarrassing about having a good sexual relationship with your spouse?

Perhaps my wife should send me out for some more feminine products. Maybe that would make me more at ease with the condoms.

Sam Fields

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