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Male Sexual Health

Male sexual health may include a number of factors, such as diseases that affect males sexually or disorders that affect erection, ejaculation, or sexual satisfaction.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Perhaps one of the most common issues of concern in regard to male sexual health is sexually transmitted diseases. Although education is abundant about the necessity of practicing safe sex, many people ignore the warnings and have sex without using a condom with new or multiple partners. Most men are fully aware of the threat that exists, but forego warnings because sex without a condom is usually more enjoyable. Possible warning signs of a sexually transmitted disease include itching or burning of the penis, especially during urination, penile discharge, or the presence of bumps on the penis, scrotum, or anus. If any of these symptoms should arise, medical treatment should be sought.


Impotence is a male sexual health issue that describes the inability to maintain an adequate erection for a long enough period of time to satisfy your and your partnerís sexual needs. This may involve not being able to have an erection at all, an erection fading during intercourse, or only being able to achieve a semi-hard erection.

This is a disorder that affects many men and is often caused by psychological issues, such as feelings of inadequacy or depression, fatigue, stress, or as a result of alcohol or drug consumption.

Premature Ejaculation

This is the most common male sexual dysfunction and involves ejaculating before satisfaction can be achieved by his partner, before penetration, or within one minute of penetration. Most men will experience this male sexual health issue at some point in their life, usually with new partners or in losing their virginity.

Possible ways to deal with premature ejaculation are wearing a condom during intercourse, which is somewhat desensitizing, or applying an anesthetic cream or gel to the penis, which achieves the same result. You may also pull the testicles down during intercourse, as they naturally retract closer to orgasm.

Retarded Ejaculation

Retarded ejaculation is actually the opposite of premature ejaculation. This occurs when ejaculation cannot be achieved even though an adequate erection is present during prolonged intercourse. This is not a common male sexual health issue, although it does occur in some men.

Common reasons for experiencing retarded ejaculation is finding out a spouse is unfaithful or feeling uncomfortable in the surroundings where intercourse is taking place. Having sex in a comfortable, non-stressful environment will usually eliminate retarded ejaculation.

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