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Looking for ways to improve your performance between the sheets? Wanting to make sex last longer and be more enjoyable? Do you want to control your sex-life, rather than have it control you?

Here we have gathered together tips, exercises and products that will help you achieve and maintain the kind of sex-life you are striving for.

Sexual Performance Articles

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Smoking and Sex
The UK government has launched a new campaign to warn teens that smoking damages their sex lives.

Male Sexual Performance Enhancers
Male sexual performance enhancers are used by men to enhance their sexual performance; and, to often the same extent, concurrently enhance their partner’s experience as well.

Sexual Dysfunction
Sexual dysfunction is a disorder that can affect both men and women at virtually any time in their lifetime. There are many different aspects to sexual dysfunction that include physical and mental problems that can include ...

Male Sexual Enhancement
Many men suffer from a variety of sexual dysfunctions that affect all areas of their life, including sexual and emotional health. This is the time that many men search for “male sexual enhancement” products ...

Lasting longer in Bed
Don’t punish yourself with damaging visualizations of Janet Reno to last longer in bed. In America we have drugs. We’re talking desensitizers: those magical sprays and creams that claim to turn a minute man into a marathoner.

Kegel Exercises
Men (and women) have a muscle called the puboccocceygeus, more pronouncably, the PC Muscle. It's the most famous of the pelvic muscles that cradle the internal sexual organs.

How to have Better Sex
Everybody does and you're no different. Luckily, having better sex is easier than you think. What many people don't understand about sex is that it is much like a sport.

Sexual Enhancers
Sexual enhancers are used to enhance the sex drive and the performance of both men and women.

Fitness for better sex
Does the phrase "the spirit was willing but the flesh was weak" mean anything to you? Simply holding up your body (or hers) for long periods of time can be exhausting. And while changing positions can help, eventually your muscles will simply give out if they are not properly trained.

Sex Tips
Try our Big Ten female hot spots, and you’re sure to hit a home run...and get a standing O before you hit the showers.

Additional Sexual Performance Articles

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Pills for better sex
A Better Sex Pill
Here's something all men should look into. Firmer erections, longer lasting in bed, and even an end to premature ejaculation!

How to have better sex
Last Longer Tonight!
Learn to make love with increased stamina, lasting power and experience multiple orgasms. If you want more to be better in the bedroom this book is the answer to your prayers!

Learn to be a better lover
Make love for as long as you want. The science behind it is real and PROVEN. Absolutely nothing else comes close!

Learn the secrets for great sex
Sexual Mastery
If sex for you (or your partner) is not an intense, "mind-blowing" experience, learn the truth about what is possible for you.

Get any woman you want
You Can Get Her!
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